Singapore 2015: Southern Ridges, HortPark

One of the awesome people I’ve had the pleasure of calling a friend finally paid a visit to Singapore! Sherwin was my partner-in-crime when it came to exploring interesting places and all the conventions I used to lurk around when I lived in Los Angeles. I brought him to one of my favourite places in Singapore, Southern Ridges, one that was popular when first unveiled but has seemed to have lost its popularity in recent years.

We spent 3 hours on the 10 km trail. It was pretty awesome despite the flash storm we had to sit through halfway.
View of a downpour in the distance.
I was really excited to show off Henderson Waves, my favourite spot of the Southern Ridges. Unfortunately, the universe conspired against us as not only was it raining, the structure was also closed for repairs. In a rare stroke of luck, one of the workers took pity on our drenched souls and escorted us across Henderson Waves. We even got a glimpse through the gaping hole they had uncovered in order to maintain the underside of the structure! Totally not for the weak of heart. We came across a garden in progress, which I’ve archived as a potential photoshoot venue once the florals are fully planted.
Selfie after the rain turned into a bearable drizzle. Also, cute grid on a hill was cute.
The Forest Walk.
We eventually reached the HortPark, but by then we were too tired to go on any further past the vertical botanical installation.
I would love to hold a party at this open area.
Mosaics are another of my favourite things.