Singapore 2014: River Safari, Singapore Zoo

Scott, Ai, Ru, and I visited the Singapore Zoo, since Scott had never experienced what I hold to be one of Singapore’s finest attractions. It just so happened that the River Safari had recently opened, so we got our Singapore Zoo & River Safari package tickets after a consultation with the very helpful lady at the counter. It still cost $50 a ticket.

I loved how our tickets formed a triptych; collect them all~
Our first stop was the River Safari. Here’s Ai, Scott, and Ru under the domed glass of the Sea Otter pool.
These gold-flecked Piranhas were so pretty, but also unnerving in the way they just stayed in place, judging you.
The entire wall was a stylised illustration of the Red Panda and two Giant Pandas (Kai Kai and Jia Jia) at the River Safari.
Just Kai Kai being a typical Panda.
We headed to the Singapore Zoo. One of my favourite things about the zoo is their visual signposts to the various animal enclosures.
Male Baboons have the cushiest bums.
These Penguins were trying to figure out how to get back into the air-conditioned enclosure.
My favourite photo of the day with Pygmy Hippos having a meal atop a swarm of fishes.