Singapore 2013: Singapore Biennale

Ai, Ru, and I visited the exhibits at the Singapore Art Museum for the 2013 Singapore Biennale one day. It was a bit confusing that the event lasted till February of this year…? This was the first time I’d participated as a guest- I was a volunteer customer relations officer in 2006, and a volunteer artist assistant in 2008. Not being behind the scenes for once was a little weird, but I guess there’s a first for everything.

Ru, me, Ai, and a whole lot of yarn.
Long Live Food by Poodien.
Toko Keperluan by Anggun Priambodo. Installation with wooden shop, consumer items, video and performance.
Waiting Room by Shieko Reto.
The Loofah Trellis by Nguyen Thi Hoai Tho.
Detail of My Longhouse Story by Jainal Amambing.
Hope Brings Us Here by Nipan Oranniwesna. Miniature photographs embedded in the floor.
The Sick Classroom by Nge Lay.
Between Worlds by Nasirun. An installation with leather puppets in glass bottles.
Anahata by Kumari Nahappan. 4000 kilograms of saga seeds.
Cosmology of Life by Toni Kanwa.
Little Soap Boy by Vu Hong Ninh.
An even littler soap boy is in every bathroom. This was in the ladies.
And out of curiosity, the mens. Shame on you germy guys!
Mine, Ai, and Ru’s doodles on the post-it notes for this room.
It’s always fun to do an exquisite corpse.