Read! Fest 2019: Voyage


Assisted in my capacity as Deputy Project Manager overlooking marketing and publicity as part of the core planning team for the National Library Board (NLB) annual reading festival Read! Fest.

Deputy Project Manager and Marketing scope:

  • Working with the project manager on the visual concept for the festival’s theme of Voyage with a retro-futuristic slant.
  • Identifying and liaising with an illustrator to develop the key visual artwork.
  • Identifying and liaising with a design agency on the adaptation of key visual elements for booklet design and publicity materials, as well as communicating identified events for photography.
  • Communicating requirements from the National Reading Movement, National Reading Day, and the NLB marketing team on the adaptation of key visual to the design agency.
  • Liaising with NLB programme librarians on organisational requirements and provision of programmes for the booklet, creating a new format of documentation and feedback for each round of booklet revisions between programme librarians and design agency.
  • Keeping track of the overall budget for marketing.
  • Organising documentation for all teams under Read! Fest, including Read! Fest Goes Out.

Procurement scope:

  • Key visual artist (Small value purchase)
  • Design agency for booklet & photography (Period contract)
  • Printing of publicity (Period contract)
  • Events management company for installation of publicity materials (Period contract)
Read! Fest programme booklet and my mockup used for initial discussions with the design agency.
Screenshot of an article of the festival on The Straits Times.