Japan 2017: Love Hotel Blanc Chapel Christmas

Our last night was spent in Narita so that we would be closer to the airport. Our accomodations for our last leg in Japan was not pre-planned – we had simply walked into a hotel and renewed our stay each day if we wanted to. This freed us up to try our luck at walking into a love hotel to see if there were any vacancies for our last night. And so we found ourselves calling a taxi to drop us off at the Hotel Blanc Chapel Christmas.

Lobby with a front desk that’s veiled off by a curtain for anonymity – we had to disturb them because we were love hotel noobs and didn’t know how to pay via the machines in the room. Otherwise, I suppose that locals could check in and out of the hotel without seeing any staff.
Only two rooms were left by the time we arrived, and were indicated with their lights on.
Room 203 was the only room that was smoke-free, so we chose that of course.
A machine which takes payment on the left, and a door hatch allowed privacy while receiving stuff from hotel staff. Our overnight stay cost ¥9710 (SGD $100), and for that, the facilities were wayyy better than a normal hotel for that price!
Spacious bathroom.
Vanity counter with so. many. free. stuff.
There was even a disposable contact lens holder and solution! Love hotels (rabuho) are the best.
A comprehensive menu for purchasing extra stuff in case the in-room facilities weren’t adequate. But the room already had a microwave, electric kettle, stocked fridge, and stocked sex products.
In case one wanted to purchase sexy lingerie.
I was super tickled by this sex toy! I’d never used one before and got a huge shock when I turned it on. Do people honestly try to dremel their genitals with this intense machine?!
Common corridor decorations.
After we unashamedly spoke to the hotel staff to make our payment and ask for their help in calling us a taxi, we waited in the lobby waiting room.
I loved every bit of our stay here. If this was any indication of how comfortable love hotels are, I’d prefer to stay in one over a normal hotel any day, stigma be damned.
Building facade.
On the plane back home.
One last thing: some photos of when we chanced upon a burst of sakura blooms when we milled around Roppongi before we had headed to Narita. Photo assist: Scott.
Wearing Miss Selfridge dress, Gamiss jacket, Ametsuchi scarf, Paperplanes shoes. Photo assist: Scott.
Photo assist: Scott.
Grateful to have seen so many beautiful blooms on this trip!