Indonesia 2015: Turi Beach Resort Batam

Visited the mall and witnessed the most beautiful sunset over the Singapore cityscape.

I dragged Scott out to the neglected beach behind Harris Waterfront Resort for a couple of outfit photos. They had well-kept cabanas overlooking the cove there. We virtually had the whole area to ourselves, which was great for my photos, although I felt bad that the resort didn’t have as much business due to the off-peak season. Wearing M)phosis shirt, Haute Hippie pants, H&M hat, 24:01 sunglasses, Taobao sandals. Photo assist: Scott.
We took a cab to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall for the fixed price of 130,000 IDR (SGD 13) thanks to our hotel’s facilitation, where we immediately zoomed in to A&W, a fast food chain that’s been long since extinct on Singapore shores. Scott was amused at the irony of traveling all the way to Batam just to have ‘All American Food’. Here’s some curly fries and a cup of melty root beer float.
Hunger sated, we took a stroll around the stores in the shopping center. These Barbie and Ken lookalike dolls are ridiculously fabulous. Especially Kenny with his brooding eyeshadow.
We chilled at Bistro Godiva for a bit, and I cleared a plate of buffalo wings plus an oreo shake all by myself. The oreo shake was too sweet for me, but it did the job quenching my thirst.
The staff asked for a photo with us when we left. At first Scott and I thought that they wanted to take one with him, because you know, exotic white people and stuff. But then it turned out that they wanted to take one with me! I was apparently a tall, beautiful person. Those ladies made our day. Took a selfie while they figured out how to work their camera.
Our last item of the day was to head down to Turi Beach Resort to catch the sunset. Getting a cab in Batam is pretty easy, but getting the right fare requires a bit of finesse. We were approached by potential cab drivers willing to take us to our destination, but we cut the cab drivers so low while haggling in our ignorance that they eventually gave up quoting us slightly inflated fares and succumbed to showing us the official cab fare prices hidden in plain sight at an innocuous little booth by the side of the shopping center’s entrance. The official cab fare was 160,000 IDR (SGD $16) according to the price chart. Anyway, we totally underestimated the travel time from the shopping center to the resort, so I didn’t get to catch the golden hour that I originally planned for.
Then again as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. We ended up privy to the most beautiful sunset over Singapore. It was a magical moment.
The jetty at dusk.
Got myself a Pina Colada at the only restaurant open at Turi Beach Resort to cap off a beautiful day.