Firmoo: Global Online Optical Store

Living in Singapore is pretty convenient considering the easy access to so many consumer choices via public transport. Living in larger countries can be a different story, and I’ve heard a few netizens discuss the merits of purchasing their prescription eyewear online, never having to do that myself since, well, Singapore is a small city state; there were three shops selling glasses in the neighbourhood mall just a ten-minute walk from my previous home. I’ve had my previous pair of glasses for the past two years now, so my vision had been suffering for the past year and change thanks to my fluctuating astigmatism (thanks a lot, traitorous eyeballs). It was hence pretty serendipitous when online spectacles store Firmoo reached out for a review just when I was waffling over making new ones!

All I needed was a recent prescription, a measuring tape, and some faith placed in my measurements. Thank you Firmoo for my clear vision! If you’re taking the leap to buying your prescription glasses online (shortsighted, farsighted, bifocal, progressive, non-rx; they have it all), you might be interested in Firmoo’s ever-expanding daily new selection of frames as well as a 15% coupon for new customers.

The site also allows you to take your photo or upload one for a better estimation of how a pair of glasses will look like on your face. I was too lazy to go searching for a frontal face in my photo archives, so I went ahead to take a snapshot. Please excuse my derpitude probably taken mid-snack in the middle of the night, as has been often the case lately. I probably need more sleep and less junk food.
I got a surprise in the mail six days later via Fedex. My package came with the frame I chose: #SF8807 (red), a piece of spectacle cloth, a soft case, a hard case with a vintage map printed on it, and best of all, a very useful little dual-headed screwdriver attached to a keychain. It’s perfect for securing loose screws on a pair of eyeglasses on the go! I’m never letting go of it. It’s way more convenient than the pack of mini screwdrivers I used to constantly borrow from my brother to fix my previous pair.
I instantly raved about this pair of glasses to my contact at Firmoo, because for something I bought online, this pair of glasses sure fit me like a glove. Heck, my previous pair was bought in a store and I still had to bring it in to revise the fitting. Call me officially in love and a convert for online-anything.
Also, I even had the approval of Pa, once he found out how much this pair of glasses cost – USD $25 for the frames, plus USD $18.75 for the express courier service, which made a grand total of USD $43.75 (SGD $62). The anti-scratch coating and standard 1.5 index lenses came free, but there was a whole swathe of lens customisation as optional top-ups, such as a thinner 1.6 index lens. Just to compare, my previous pair cost upwards of SGD $200 (USD $140).