A Better Florist: The Sylvia

I had the pleasure of getting in contact with A Better Florist a while ago, and got sent one of their popular new arrivals, The Sylvia ($61). The Sylvia boasts colourful flowers reflecting a wild side, with a tiny surprise in its varying selection. I couldn’t wait to check out what I’d receive!

In addition to the Protea, Strawflower, Snapdragons promised in the description, my bouquet included Carnations, Alstroemeria, and Chrysanthemums. That’s quite a lot of variety in a bouquet, and well-worth its price!
The bouquet came with a personalised card from the team.
Wearing Shein top, Alexander McQueen shoes. Photo assist: Scott.
This shot was all Scott’s idea. Turned out pretty great. Photo by: Scott.
It also came with an easy-to-understand flower care card!
This packet of flower food came taped to the end of my bouquet. It was my first time encountering flower food, which prolongs the life of your bouquet. The kind folks at A Better Florist sent me this how-to from their flower food manufacturer after I enquired about it.
My desk all spruced up. Thanks A Better Florist!
Photo assist: Scott.
Here’s my bouquet again a few days later – the carnations bloomed beautifully thanks to the flower food! Gonna have to start investing in these next time I buy flowers.