Play on Words: Arbite

Ottie and I took a trip down to Arbite one day for some eggs benedicts and realised that it was a pun on the German word ‘Arbeit’, meaning ‘work’. It honestly never clicked for me until then, when I told him that アルバイト(Arubaito), or more commonly shortened to バイト(Baito), is Japanese for ‘part-time job’ – which it borrowed from German. I was taught about it once but had become so used to using the short form that I forgot about its roots.

The evolution of language is interesting. I’m pretty fond of noting to whomever would listen that the word ‘naughty’ as used now is but a diluted version of its origins.

Lunch date outfit: Dresslink grey tank crop top, pink high-low skirt, Moe thunderstorm tights, Steve Madden black tassel heeled boots, Mango brown shopper bag, Firmoo red glasses.

I decided to dress up a little for the lunch date, taking out old favourites and accessorising with a bag of teh ping (tea with milk, iced) to go. Ottie says that I’m a teh ping addict. I say it simply clears my headaches.

Teh ping close up.

Face of a caffeine addict. Eggs Benedict & Eggs Florentine at Arbite, Singapore.Some snaps. The all-day breakfast was good, but Arbite was a little hard to get to on public transport from our place without resorting to taxis.

Thisguyah derping around.Here’s an obligatory derp.

Dresslink tank top
Firmoo glasses
Topshop choker
Mango shopper bag
MoE rainy day tights
Steve Madden tassel boots

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.

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