Because going to Shasha’s Hari Raya celebration, and later on to Chinatown to view the Mid-Autumn Festival decorations, equals Peranakan. XD

Also, Shasha, this was what I meant when I said that I liked your void deck. XDD

✿ Red floral shirt: birthday gift from Huiz (Mono+)
✿ Grey flare shorts: online
✿ Pink voodoo doll necklace: Takashimaya
✿ Reversible cloth bag: made by Yingz
✿ Floral boots: Wonder Rocket (Japan)

ALL SO RED! My stomach buay tahan ah!

Lix photobombing behind the coolios that is XinH!

Shasha’s elder sis Aziz made these yummies!

And then it was off to Chinatown to meet with Dom, ShiC and Bern:

Awesome mecha hangar!


This was from Bern’s phone.


Hahahahaha BATMAN dun dun dun!!!



Bern excitedly exclaims over Naruto’s crystal sword and starts playing with the lantern. XDD

And after that we walked from Chinatown over to Clarke Quay:

A 红楼梦 lantern. Ugh I hate this classical text. We were forced to read this in Secondary school and all I could think about was what a 窝囊 (useless idiot) the main character was. Perhaps I was reading it wrong. But then again, I was still reading children’s books when classmates had progressed to steamy romances…



  • shasha

    OMG. You sat there. Ew.
    And it doesn’t look like my void deck… ok, it does but kind of in a surreal way. Hahaha. Coooool :D

    And wow, yeah, should’ve gone to China Town to take a look at lanterns. Naruto with a sword? Lol!!! XD

    • shasha

      Hoho, looks can be deceiving :D

      Btw, my phone died. The other phone I’m using cannot send text messages. Need to contact ShiC about tmr. Don’t stress, but can we discuss tonight?? I can only be on Skype DDD: Or get Samm and Yvonne to organise?

    • ✿ren


      Oh I think he’s not organising it anymore. Now it’s just him and Hanh celebrating in a small gathering or something.

      Yup okay I will open Skype just for you then. :P
      But can’t stay too late I have work tomorrow! T^T

    • ✿ren

      Nope they are all lanterns! XDDDDDDDDD
      The barney ones are made of the more traditional cellophane and wax candles. The Naruto is the modern electronic one with battery and annoying music. :D

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