Our Engagement Story

Our last evening in Cape Town saw us driving up to Table Mountain and viewing the bay of Cape Town from the mid-point. We decided not to join the incredibly meandering queue for the 225 Rand (SGD $20) roundtrip cable car ride which would have brought us all the way to the flat peak, opting instead to drive away from all the tourists to get a quieter view.

Panoramic landscape at Table Mountain, Cape Town.That’s Lion’s Head and Signal Hill on the left. Lion’s Head is the pointy bit on the extreme left (and according to the Dutch in the 17th century, beared a resemblence to a crouching lion) while Signal Hill (apparently also known as Lion’s Rump) is the coastal bit which is lower-lying.

Portrait at Table Mountain, Cape Town.

Portrait at Table Mountain, Cape Town.

We descended and drove through Cape Town to Signal Hill, which Ottie said offered a better view because we actually got to see Table Mountain in its glory from over there. He wasn’t wrong.

Winding road at Signal Hill, Cape Town.

Sunset from atop Signal Hill, Cape Town.

Bird at Signal Hill, Cape Town.

Yellow wildflowers at Signal Hill, Cape Town.

Wildflowers on Signal Hill, Cape Town.

View from Signal Hill, Cape Town.

Outfit against the sunset at Signal Hill, Cape Town.

Outfit against the sunset at Signal Hill, Cape Town.

Outfit against Table Mountain from Signal Hill, Cape Town.NewDress | Zara | Tutu Anna | Zalora | Nine West

Photo of border against Table Mountain #LoveCapeTown at Signal Hill, Cape Town.#LoveCapeTown ♥

View of Cape Town from Signal Hill, South Africa.

At some point, Cand expressed interest in picking up a dSLR, asking to borrow mine to play with it for a while to test out the image and video functions. Little did I know…

Ottie showing Ren sights from atop Signal Hill, Cape Town. Photo taken by Cand.Photo by Cand.

Here, have an actual derp proposal (video by Cand):

Panorama from Signal Hill, Cape Town.This was the panorama I was taking when Ottie decided to surprise me, with Cand and Ant silhouetted against the setting sun.

Ren & Ottie sharing a kiss against the sunset atop Signal Hill, Cape Town. Photo taken by Cand.Photo by Cand.

Wefie with the tricksters atop Signal Hill, Cape Town.Mintly-engaged me with tricksters Ant, Cand, and Ottie.

Sapphire gemstone set in platinum band engagement ring against the city of Cape Town, South Africa.My pretty blue ring against the backdrop of Cape Town in dusk.

Ottie had apparently gone to see jewellers about a ring when he arrived at Cape Town two weeks before I flew over. South Africa is known for its diamonds, but we had both expressed a personal dislike of the rock earlier in our relationship, preferring to use our astrological birthstones for a spot of colour. So it was a bit of a funny story when he came all the way to the previous stone wholesalers in this country to buy a sapphire. He even got the jeweller to custom make this double-banded design out of platinum! It’s too bad we only got the ring on the last day we were in Cape Town (after much trickery about him going to the restroom and disappearing), so we weren’t able to bring it in for a free resizing.

Intertwined fingers with sapphire engagement ring in Cape Town.Me gusta.

Some of the other sights we saw in Cape Town that day belonged to Bo-Kaap, a quiet little spot of Cape Town. It features steep cobbled streets and colourful houses, but what fascinates me is that it was formerly known as the Malay Quarter. Cool!

Steep cobbled road at Cape Town.

Seagulls perched on the roof of a car in Cape Town.Friendly residents and avians.

Slow down, it's Cape Town road sign at Cape Town.Loving this road sign.

Our night was young:

Car trouble at night.

Starry night sky at Cape Town.The starry night sky (sans tripod), since I was the only one of the group who has yet to conjure a desire to drive and couldn’t help the rest with our car troubles. City girl foreverrrr.

Lastly, some sights we were reluctant to say goodbye to in Fish Hoek, home of our awesome host Ant, brothers Matt and Andy, and Puddi Tat:

Unveiling a chameleon in a backyard tree.Who else has a colourful chameleon in their backyard?! So jelly. I wanted to pick it up but Ottie dissuaded me with fears that my action would slowly kill it. It wasn’t until we saw one during our safari a few days later that we learnt it wasn’t the case… as long as I put it back exactly where I picked it up from. I COULD HAVE MOLESTED A CHAMELEON AAAAAAHH :(

Puddi Tat lazing in the afternoon sun, Fish Hoek.

Puddi Tat lazing in the afternoon sun, Fish Hoek.Puddi Tat, victim of my afternoon shenanigans.

Puddi Tat saying goodbye to us.Saying goodbye to us.

Flatlay Fujifilm Instax selfies.Awesome friends, and flowers from their backyard.

Thank you, beautiful Cape Town and Fish Hoek. :)

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.

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  • crazyflyinggecko

    This was such a beautiful post Ren. I loved how the photos came out. Cape Town is such a magical city and I am glad to have shared this moment with you two-> especially because it was soooo DERP. :D Looking forward to your visit sometime again. Maybe this time I won’t be running around so much. ;) xx

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