Otome Game: My Strange Lovers Walkthrough [Tasuku Ichinose]

Prologue | Tasuku | Shin | Mao | Hyouko

Here’s my story with Tasuku Ichinose, the 32 year old college professor who possesses the blood of a unicorn. The other three guys comment on how it was the safest choice, although Mao did chip in saying how I could rely on him too, which made me think for a moment that I could deviate to his storyline from Tasuku’s (but no dice). Anyway, Tasuku shows me around the house and learns about my contract with the realtor; he comments that he can’t let me take care of the house for them, and that we could simply say that I’m taking care of it, to which my first option box comes up. Whoop!

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 01He’s nice. But this may be getting a little sketch here.

Shin and Mao join us and tell me more about Tasuku’s field of research, Ethology. Shin teases him about never having seen him with a girlfriend, and asks me if he’s passable as boyfriend material. How did that that segway even happen.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 02I think he’s passable. He’s cute and kind, why not.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 03Everyone is surprised at my answer. IDEK.

The next day, I make breakfast for Tasuku and Mao, preparing a packed lunch just for Tasuku as well, which was weird because the both of them go to the same college. Way to be preferential, Anon. Turns out that Tasuku forgot the packed lunch, so off to the college I go. I try to find him at his lecture only to find that it’s packed with female students.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 04He’s a popular teacher. Hard not to come to this conclusion when the girls sitting next to me were talking about arriving early to snag a front row seat next time.

Failing to catch him at the lecture hall, I resort to searching out for his office, having asked female student Noa Moriyama directions to it at the Sociology department.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 05Although… is it just me, or does he not look as happy to have received lunch than his words indicate?

Later that night, it was only Tasuku and I in the house – it was established earlier that Mao goes out with his college friends, Hyouko works really late, and Shin focuses on his music or women at night. We grab a beer and talk, when Tasuku suddenly gets all seductive and throws lines telling me he’d give me one-on-one lessons?? Dude what just happened?!

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 06Whoa now, slow down tiger- I mean, unicorn.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 07What’s wrong?

Tasuku explains that it’s a full moon tonight, and his unicorn blood is acting up unusually, especially when facing a woman like me. HE RUNS HIS FINGERTIP OVER MY CHEEK HOLY CRAP WHAT IS HAPPENING. Apparently I’ve been just sitting there mesmerised by how intoxicating Tasuku had become. Just then, Mao enters, startling the both of us to our senses. Wait a minute – Mao’s sporting cat ears?!

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 10What’s with the full moon? And apparently he can’t hide his ears during the full moon? Huh?

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 11Go away, Hyouko.

I escape into my room for the night. The next morning, Tasuku approaches me to apologise for his behaviour for the previous night:

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 12It’s okay. I kinda liked it (squeeing IRL).

I leave to go to my first day at work, where I meet Nao Moriyama, the student who had previously shown me directions to Tasuku’s office. For some reason, she’s referred to as Mirai. Anyway, I help her with getting clothes which will make her look more mature, and go back home to find Tasuku reading a book about ‘Human Habits’ in the living room. We talk a little bit more about the previous night, and he explains that while his unicorn blood doesn’t go wild during the full moon like our other housemates, it might have gotten a kick from the additional alcohol he had.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 13I was surprised by your maturity. Ooh la la, professor.

I ended up going to Yoshii-san’s the next day though, because apparently I can’t accept the situation and want to move.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 14Yoshii-san you sneaky bastard.

Yoshii-san goes on to explain what my roommates are – apparently they’re beasts-humans with beast blood flowing through them.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 15You’re a piece of work, Yoshii-san.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 16There’s a wolf! Catboys I can tolerate, but I don’t want to end up as wolf munchies.

Yoshii-san proceeds to explain how the full moon makes the beast blood go wild, and nonchalantly slips in the 500,000 yen penalty fee for breaking the contract, which I obviously did not read. He concedes by saying he will forfeit the fee if I look into what my housemates have been up to, because it seems that they’ve been going out frequently together (although, isn’t that what housemates do?). He also adds that I shouldn’t fall in love with them or even let them figure out that I’m human, as their beastly powers would weaken should one fall in love with a human. Okay, noted.

I go back to the shared house to start my prying. Upon reaching home, I find Tasuku and Shin, and behold, plot!

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 17A beast was attacked and killed today it seems. Tasuku contacts Hyouko, and they decide to leave the house to investigate. Tasuku asks me to take care of asking Mao to look after the house.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 18I’ll go with you. I wanna find out more!

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 19Unfortunately, all choices were rebuffed by Tasuku and Shin, and they left me all alone in an empty house and ruminating on Tasuku’s uncharacteristically cold demeanor towards me.

The next day, Tasuku and Shin have yet to come home. Noa Moriyama (a.k.a. Mirai) drops by and hands over an envelope meant for Tasuku. He’d asked her to get it out of the safe for him. Mao introduces himself to Mirai and notes that she’s in love with Tasuku. Dun-dun-dun a love competitor appears!

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 20We find out that this mirror seals Specters, the beings which have been killing beasts. It also reflects a beast’s true form. Mao tries it out and sees a cat. He offers it to me, and I know my cover will be blown. Quick, do something!

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 21Grab it from him. I snatch it from Mao’s hands and pretend to see my true form too, even though in fact nothing changed for me. 😂

Crisis averted, we ask Tasuku for updates. He confesses that the Specter which has been killing beasts is quite powerful, and that the intruder I encountered on my first night here was one too. I also get to glimpse Tasuku’s pure white unicorn visage, and dedicate a few lines of thought being mesmerised by his handsome beauty.

The next day, I go to work and quite literally bump into a cute stranger during my break. A series of events occur and long story short, we have lunch together. Can I romance him? Please say yes.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 22This cutie here is Shogo Domoto, who’s just as new to the neighbourhood as I am. He asks where I live:

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 23I live near the station. Cute as he may be, he’s still a stranger so I’m gonna be vague about it. Turns out, he lives nearby too. We have a nice lunch and part ways.

I come back to an empty house, and peer into Tasuku’s room as the door is open. Curiosity gets the better of me, and I take a look into the mirror. Just then, Tasuku comes back and confirms his suspicions regarding my beast-form – rather, the lack of one.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 24Yep, it did. “Let’s have a little chat,” he says.

Tasuku switches on the lights and says that he’s suspected my very human nature all along. He also divulges that he’s been researching the interactions between beasts and humans at the university, noting how beasts have raised humans. However, he did bring back the same point that Yoshii-san warned me in the beginning, that beasts will lose their powers once they love a human.


Anyway, Tasuku promises to keep my being human a secret.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 26I’m sorry. I truly am. Secrets are full of needless burden IMO. Tasuku, bless his soul, replies for me not to be, stating that he’s happy as long as I understand the situation I’m in.

The next day, cutie pie Shogo finds me at work, and asks if I’d be willing to have lunch with him again.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 27Sure, I’d love to. Kinda sucks eating alone anyway.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 28He works at a magazine editorial and gives me a pretty bracelet made of violet beads. It’s supposed to bring fortune in romance, and I can’t take it off until my wish is granted. He fastens it around my arm, and I was too captivated by the shineh that I don’t notice his sinister smile. Nuuuuu Shogooooo~

After work, I coincidentally run into Tasuku and Mirai at the station. I notice that Mirai’s wearing the clothes she bought at the store to make herself look more mature. She gets embarrassed and leaves when she sees me, leaving Tasuku and I to walk home together. I can’t help but think of Mirai and be frustrated about her feelings going unnoticed by Tasuku.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 29Shouldn’t you call her? I tell him that she wanted to be with him longer, but Tasuku remains stubbornly obtuse.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 30I can understand her feelings. I give up trying to get it through to Tasuku’s head about the nature of girls liking him and walk on home ahead, upset at feelings of jealousy which is welling up within me.

The next day, I’m surprised by Hyouko’s appearance at the breakfast table, as he usually heads straight to work. Poor Hyouko is caught in the awkward atmosphere between me and Tasuku, but luckily, plot is here to save the day:

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 31This Specter is known as Yoichi. Hyouko warns Tasuku to be careful, as unicorn blood is top of the line. Mental note, Tasuku is one rare beast.

A few days pass with things between Tasuku being awkward. Meanwhile, it’s grocery shopping time with Shin, as he and I both happened to have the same day off. It’s weird to see a pop idol doing something so mundane, but as he proudly mentioned:

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 32Even if you’re carrying the heavy stuff.

On the way back, he queries about my comfort level with staying in a house full of men, to which I say it’s alright with me. He’s surprised at my ability to survive the testosterone, and quips:

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 33That was very unnecessary even if you meant it as a joke, Shin you poopy-poop.

We go home and chance upon Mirai and Tasuku talking at the doorway. I listen from the shadows like the creeper that I am, and Shin comes to busy his nose into this affair.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 34They get along well. Tasuku walks Mirai to the station, which apparently causes a heart-wrenching moment for me.

Two hours later and Tasuku has yet to come back, despite the station being so close to the house. Hyouko returns home, and we find out that Tasuku is currently at the scene of a fresh beast murder. Him, Shin, and Mao decide to try to meet up with Tasuku. They ask me to contact them if Tasuku gets back.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 35I’ll look after the house. Seriously though, where is the option for me to join the investigation?! :(

I mill about in the living room, when suddenly my good-luck bracelet broke into pieces and lots of red-eyed black shadows fly about the room. Tasuku comes back home at this point and tries to protect me from them, and they disappear once they hit him. Just then, my lunch buddy Shogo Domoto appears.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 36I’VE BEEN BETRAYED.

Shin and Hyouko arrive on scene, and Tasuku whispers for me to get the hell out of Dodge with Mao. And so I run away, just as Tasuku tackles Yoichi. Hyouko follows us and urges the both of us to get in the car. Mao and I are confused as to how the Specters got into the house.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 37And it seems that the only way was to attach themselves to a human. Well then.

I confess that I’m actually human, and everything that transpired was my fault.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 38I didn’t plan to hide it. Although I kinda did.

Hyouko stops the car and gets out. I apologise to him as well, though it looks like I needn’t have worried about him:

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 39Mister Fox here could smell the very human odour emanating off me right from the start.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 40Seems like everyone but Mao knew that I was human. Poor Mao.

Tasuku and Shin approach us, with Shin supporting an injured Tasuku. Mao goes off to find medicinal herbs, which will help deal with Specter-induced wounds. Apart from his cute cat ears, this seems to be his only useful ability.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 41I guess there’s going to be Part II.

Hyouko comments that it’s rare for Tasuku to be injured, while I tend to Tasuku. His right arm is freaking purple in colour. Dude, are you sure you don’t need to go to the hospital?

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 42I’m sorry. I hurt everyone. :(

Tasuku mentioned that his powers were weakened, that he couldn’t use his strength on Yoichi.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 43The legend was right after all. Nuuuu Tasukuuuu~~

Dawn broke, and we return to the house to clean up after the fight with Yoichi. Mao and I stay back to look after Tasuku. Yoshii-san gives me a call while I’m cleaning the living room, so I head over to the realtor’s office. I update him that I’ve been found out that I’m human, whereupon Yoshii-san’s eyes open for the first time.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 44Yoshii-san assures me that Specters can’t harm me, but my life might still be in danger in this current situation. He advises me to leave the shared house ASAP.

Meanwhile, Mirai looks for Tasuku in his office. Guess who’s there.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 45Goddammit.

I go back home from Yoshii-san’s with lunch for everyone. Thoughts of my necessary departure from the house plagues me.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 46I still want to live here. There are cute guys here. More specifically, there is a special someone named Tasuku here.

To my pleasant surprise, Mao cleaned up the living room nicely while I was gone. I look for Tasuku to join us for lunch, only to remember that there is still the Big Bad at large. Yoichi had sent a threatening message to Tasuku’s mobile phone.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 47Tasuku is adamant about going in solo to rescue her (that dummy), but I tell him to keep a cool head and wait for the others to help out.

“You can’t do this alone!” I exclaim.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 48Wrong. You’re a dummy.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 49Don’t be reckless. Tasuku finally calms down at my outburst.

We head to the college after contacting Shin and Hyouko to meet us there. Mao warns me to run away at any signs of danger, while Hyouko observes that it’s the night before the full moon. Apparently, that’s when the beasts’ powers are unstable. We head over to Tasuku’s office, with Tasuku holding the mirror with the ability to seal Specters. We open the door to find Mirai strapped to a chair, and a Yoichi that’s way too smug with himself.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 50Before we get to learn what he meant by that, everyone except for me is incapacitated and collapse onto the ground.

Turns out that Yoichi released some sort of high-frequency sound that only beasts can hear and which will impact their mind. Lucky for me, I’m human and relatively deaf, so it doesn’t work for me. Unfortunately, I’m also unable to use Tasuku’s mirror to seal Yoichi away, as doing so will definitely kill me. Only one thing for me to do:

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 51Please give me the mirror. I grab it from Tasuku’s grasp.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 52

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 53Ahaha the look on Yoichi’s face.

I make it safely out of the building, with Yoichi hot on my heels. The mirror needs light to work, but the sun had already set. I find somewhere spacious and point the mirror towards the moon. The mirror collects the moonlight and gathers its power. It takes all I have to grab onto it. I direct the light at Yoichi, and he starts to crumble under its intensity. Yoichi’s dying, but so am I. Luckily, Tasuku comes to my rescue:

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 54The mirror pierced Yoichi with an arrow made of light, and he dies rather dramatically.

We’ve successfully sealed Yoichi. Tasuku hugs me in relief. He mentions how he couldn’t believe that I actually took the mirror from him, risking my life to do so.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 55I was the only one available. Besides, I can’t be a damsel in distress all the time.

Oops, we forgot about Mirai. She starts to wake up and sees Tasuku cradling my head against his chest. Tasuku walks over to make sure that she’s okay, and tells her that I had saved everyone.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 56Please go on, Tasuku.

Tasuku proceeds to clarify his relationship with Mirai, saying that they’ll never have anything more than a student-teacher relationship; he’ll always acknowledge that she’s a top honour student in his class though. I go over to her and apologise for my jealousies towards her, and she in turn apologises for hers. With that, we leave the college campus and move on to episode 12, the final chapter in Tasuku’s storyline.

We return home and Tasuku opens the mailbox. He finds a letter from the realtor indicating that it’s paperwork to cancel my current contract. Uh-oh. Tasuku is hurt that I had plans on leaving. I’m in turmoil, as I want to continue staying here, but don’t want to cause Tasuku to lose his powers. Aah romantic dilemmas.

The next day, I go to work and it seems like things are looking good on the work-front too.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 57

At the end of the day, I walk home with two of the shop assistants, whose only role in this game is to sing my praises. One of them notices Tasuku waiting for me while leaning on his car. They peel off, leaving Tasuku and me.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 58Sure, I say.

I realise that it’s a full moon tonight. We all know what happened the last full moon. Hur hur hur. But nothing happens.

We have dinner at a nice little shop, and I tell him about my impending promotion. Being a manager is apparently a dream of mine. Anyway, Tasuku confesses that he wants to visit my hometown.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 59Ermagherd look at him blush.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 60Okay you’ve gone into corny territory now, Tasuku.

“But Tasuku,” I say, “your powers will weaken.”
“They will,” he replies.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 61THE POWER OF LOVEEEEEE~~

We leave the shop and head home. In the garage, he stalls for a while without turning off the engine.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 62*SQUEE*

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 63YES, YES I DO.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 64OKAY.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 65I GET IT. NOW SHUT UP AND KISS ME.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 66“If you have any feelings for me, please live here with me,” Tasuku says.

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 67Wait a minute… what.

Oh well, got my kiss. Here’s the special image I unlocked by acquiring a happy ending with Tasuku. :)

My Strange Lovers - Tasuku 68

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