Otome Game: My Strange Lovers Walkthrough [Shin Kamiya]

Prologue | Tasuku | Shin | Mao | Hyouko

Celebrity Shin Kamiya is next to be conquered here; the 25 year old has got the blood of a wolf and is the lead vocalist of a very popular band. He’s also known to be a player. I usually dislike types like him, but he and I seemed to get along when I played Takusu’s story line, so why not.

Anyway, back to episode 1. I announce that I choose to stick with Shin.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 01Yup, you. Mao asks if I’m really okay with my decision. Shin seems put out by this new responsibility.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 02Takusu, you sweetie-pie. I’ll gladly switch back to your storyline.

Shin asks me for my name again, and my age. I tell him that I’m 23. He appraises my body from top to bottom. RUDE.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 03Someone’s full of himself.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 04Not at all. I was lured by the cost of this rental!

My Strange Lovers - Shin 05Wow this guy really wants a fight.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 06Shin leaves after a more insults, citing that his music project is in its final stages.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 07FML

The next day, I wake up early to make breakfast. Tasuku is surprised that I made breakfast, and I explain the terms of my staying in this house. Mao is super excited to have food in the morning. Hyouko walks by and denies the offer to have breakfast, as he doesn’t eat anything in the morning. Suit yourself, Hyouko.

The day goes by and I find myself fixing up my room the next day until night fell. It’s a full moon. I notice how everyone is quieter in their rooms today. Shin knocks on my door and I let him in.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 08Want to sit? I offer.

Shin makes some small talk, and suddenly draws nearer.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 09Um.

He grabs my shoulder.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 10NO IT’S NOT.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 11Into what, a pervert? Don’t need no alcohol for that.

Shin pulls me towards him and pushes me down. “Build a relationship of trust with me,” he says. I peer into his eyes and find them to be glowing weirdly. Unable to take this, I push Shin away and run out of my room. Tasuku comes out of his room to my aid when he hears me screaming. Shin (the bastard) emerges from my room annoyed.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 13YES HE DID.

Mao also joins the party in the living room.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 14This cutie pulls off this cosplay well. Mao replies that it’s the full moon today. He also notices that my ears didn’t come out, envying my control over my ability.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 15Tasuku goes on to explain that Shin turns into a wolf, while Mao is unable to hide his cat ears.

The next day, I pay a visit to my good friend the realtor, announcing rather loudly that I want to move out, and that beasts are scary.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 16True, but still.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 17Touché.

Besides, the house is full of nothing but men, I shout.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 18What.

Yoshii-san says that this is the cancellation fee if I want to move out before the designated time, showing me the contract. Of course I can’t afford that, so he offers me a deal in which I can forfeit the cancellation fee if I investigate the men in the house, as he believes that they are planning something.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 19 Nothing I can say.

Yoshii-san promises that I will be able to move out if I do well investigating, and warns me not to fall in love with a beast as I depart.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 20I’ll be careful.

Everyone’s gathered in the living room when I return to the house. Mao looks back to normal, and Shin refuses to look at me.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 21No shit, Sherlock. Hyouko leaves the living room smiling after he teases me about my inexperience with beast men.

I recall Yoshii-san’s words about not falling in love with a beast, and realise that I’m looking at Shin while his words replay in my mind – apparently his beautiful blue eyes were unforgettable.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 22Welp.

“Don’t fall for me,” Shin says.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 23I won’t fall for you, I declared.

The next morning, only Mao is in the house, and he casually drops a little tidbit saying that Shin isn’t here because he likes human women. Say what?

My Strange Lovers - Shin 24Oh?

My Strange Lovers - Shin 25Because their powers as beasts will weaken if they fall in love with a human, he explains.

I leave for work, conflicted about my living in the shared house. Returning to the house after work, I find Tasuku, who asks me over to the living room. Everyone is gathered there, which was unusual. Apparently, a beast was killed again.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 26:S

They decide to go to the scene of the crime to look for clues, like they usually do.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 27I will go with you too. Gotta investigate on both counts, all sneaky-like.

Shin is surprised by my declaration, and I think something changes in his eyes? Mao offers to stay with me, but Shin pulls me towards him and says that he will go look around with me instead.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 28Hyouko whispers into my ear (is he being meta?). He cautions me to be prepared for what’s to come as I’m dealing with beasts. AND THEN HE LEAVES. PLEASE SPEAK IN CLEAR, PROPER SENTENCES HYOUKO.

We head to the murder scene. Tasuku drives us to the city and parks beside a dark alleyway.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 30Wow, is this sense of smell Hyouko’s power as a beast?

My Strange Lovers - Shin 31Yessir.

Shin looks for any footprints left behind by the victims. I follow Shin, who’s already disappeared into the dark. I seek some answers from Shin as to how they knew that a beast was killed.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 32I see…

Shin asks me to question stray cats around here, which leaves me flabbergasted.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 33Apparently cat beasts can speak with cats. Oops.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 34Cover blown in 3… 2… 1… luckily, Shin is distracted by some evidence.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 35Thank god for murder scenes.

I blurt out how beasts are awesome over Shin’s deduction of what had transpired, which arouses his suspicion. Just as he was about to question me, Mao called out for us to go over to them. They found blood.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 36Go Hyouko, smell all the things!

Hyouko surmises that the Specters will be attacking other beasts soon. Shin comes forth with the information that the victim might have known the Specter too, with which Tasuku surmises that the Specter pretended to be human. Mao brought up the fact that they couldn’t sense Specters, which meant that these culprits are more powerful. We soon returned to the shared house.

The next day, I returned to Yoshii-san’s office.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 37I got a lot of information. I relate all that transpired to him.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 38He says with a smile on his face. Suspicious.

Yoshii-san now wants me to investigate the identity of the Specter. What about our promise?! I’ve got no choice but to go along with his extra demand it seems. Oh well, I do want to know more too.

Tasuku is the only one at home, and I ask about Shin. Looks like the womanising wolf went out to see a woman. Dude. Whatever. I share desserts I received from my coworker with Tasuku. I profess my undying love for all things sweet, to which a bomb is dropped:

My Strange Lovers - Shin 39DUN DUN DUNNNNN.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 40WELL CRAP.

I vehemently deny my heritage. Tasuku calmly replies that maybe the others can’t tell, but he can.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 41Why do you think so?

Looks like I don’t give off any signs of being a beast - Tasuku had detected a human aura back when I ran away screaming from Shin during the full moon LOL. He assures me that he won’t tell the others, but warns me not to let the other guys know that I’m human.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 42I’m confused – am I playing Shin’s story, or can I get Tasuku in this story too? BECAUSE I WANT. I am captivated by Tasuku’s clear eyes as he says this. What’s with my transfixion with eyes?

Someone came home, and I avert my eyes from Tasuku’s. Tasuku advises me to get along well with the others, and that he’ll help me out if he can.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 43Shin seemed bothered by my little one-on-one session with Tasuku.

Tasuku asks Shin if he could come home early tomorrow, because it looks like he has to go on a business trip, Hyouko has work, and Mao has a school meeting. He doesn’t want me to be left alone in the house. Shin is reluctant to do so, but Tasuku brings up the danger of the Specter. Shin callously replied that Tasuku could easily put up a barrier and retired to his room without surfacing again. Am I really playing Shin’s story?!?

I insist that I’m fine being alone, since it turns out that Specters can’t harm humans. The next morning, I find out from having breakfast with Mao that Shin hadn’t returned home, presumably to find another human girl. Mao offers to come back early tonight, but I assure him that it’s fine.

I come back home from work and find that the lights are on – Shin’s shoes were in the entrance. Is it…? I peer into the living room.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 45OMG SHIN IS SUCH A TSUNDERE. He was sitting on the sofa surrounded by beer.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 46Are you worried about me?

My Strange Lovers - Shin 47Okay if you say so.

Shin offers me a drink, and we spend time together drinking beer with the food I cooked. He compliments my cooking, saying that I could own a restaurant with my skills. He wonders aloud that maybe he should try my breakfast if this is the quality of my food. Just then, his band comes up on TV and I exclaim in excitement.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 48Someone’s full of himself, heh.

He tells me a bit of how he started as an idol, and confesses that the reason he joined was in order to better merge with humans.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 49I have nothing to say to that.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 50I see how it is.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 51One thing led to another…

My Strange Lovers - Shin 52I don’t know…

I ask Shin if he’s dated a human before, to which he replies that he was never serious with any of them – it was just for fun.

The next day, I’m on my way home from grocery shopping and ruminating on Shin’s “just for fun” comment. Shin Kamiya is surrounded by plenty of rumours saying that he’s a player, and I try to rationalise that with him being a wolf-man. Mao bumps into me, and offers to carry my grocery bags for me. We walk home together, but stop suddenly when we see Shin standing outside with the model, Miho Kasahara.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 53I pulled on Mao to get inside. I invite Mao to cook together with me, causing Shin to think that we’re in a relationship.

I’m jealous. I eat with Mao, when he springs this on me:

My Strange Lovers - Shin 54Why is Shin’s story going everywhere?? It’s so confusing.

Mao makes a save after I hesitate by saying that he’d like someone to accompany him to shop for new clothes. We make a date.

The next morning, I bumped into Shin at the entrance while leaving for work – apparently he’d just arrived home.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 55SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS HAPPENING.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 56 I’m reflecting on my actions for last night.

At work, my coworkers gossip about seeing Miho Kasahara near the station with a man. I listen and think about how he has a love affair going on – that sly dog. Just then, Yoshii-san called me, asking for updates.

“Any kind of information will do. How about their relationships with women?” He asks. And then he quickly says that he’s joking, reminding me that relationships between beasts and humans are forbidden. What a coincidence you called to remind me of this fact, Yoshii-san.

I returned home late that day, but the lights were on. Everyone had gathered again because another beast was killed. Well, damn. I accidentally meet Shin’s eyes and he looks away. Tasuku informs me that they’ve got new information – the Specter Yoichi Sumeragi is responsible for killing all the beasts lately. This time, he killed a unicorn friend of Tasuku’s.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 57Also, it looks like Yoichi’s blood was left at the scene.

I’m visibly unnerved, and Mao puts his arm around my shoulders to reassure me.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 58Mr. Tsundere here shows his displeasure at Mao’s skinship, and leaves the room soon after.

Why was he annoyed?

My Strange Lovers - Shin 59It’s because of me. It’s because I made him misunderstand my relationship with Mao.

Mao urges Tasuku to be ever more vigilant now that unicorns are being targeted, and they mention Tasuku’s mirror.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 60Three days of drama-free bliss to me.

I come back to the shared house after going to the bank on my off day, to find a stranger standing outside the house.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 61Greet him.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 62Hi Mr. Dog.

Shogo came to check out the house as he was wondering if he could live here. I tell him that there aren’t any empty rooms right now, and he laughs saying that he’ll wait for a vacancy before heading off to the station.

The next day as I was doing laundry, Mao called me to go on the shopping date we’d agreed upon.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 63Think it over. There’s still housework to be done.

However, Mao says that we could go to the shop I like, so to heck with housework, let’s go shopping! I have so much fun shopping with Mao, but somehow my thoughts stray to imagining how a date with Shin would go like, surprising myself. Mao and I later headed for dinner nearby.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 64For two hours, I must add.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 65Oh man where is this going.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 66No no no am I in the right storyline?!?

Mao continues to ask if I’d be his girlfriend, that he’d take care of me. I’d never been flat-out confessed to before, and am touched, but don’t feel any reciprocal feelings for him. As such, I reject his confession as gently as possible.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 67Aww Mao. :(

Mao confirms that I actually have feelings for Shin, but thought that he could sway me over to see him as something more than a friend if he confessed.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 69No Mao, you’re better than Shin in so many ways.

Shin worries a lot about the beasts, according to Mao.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 70What the hell is Mao talking about, Shin ain’t got no time for researching during his womanising.

Mao says that my feelings for Shin will be one-sided, as Shin won’t want to be in a relationship with a beast. Just then, Mao receives a phone call from Hyouko; sounds like something happened to Tasuku? We rush home upon hearing news that Tasuku was attacked, to join the rest of the tenants who were already there. My eyes meet with Shin’s.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 71Seriously? There’s a Specter on the loose and that’s what you want to focus on now?

My Strange Lovers - Shin 72That’s not important right now. Damn right.

Shin replies that it’s none of his business anyway, and looks away. Back to the situation, it seems that Sumeragi had found out about this shared house and had been hiding around it; he might also know about the mirror of the unicorn. Oh no! Don’t worry, Tasuku assures us that no one can find it. Tasuku tries to bear with his deep wound, incurred when he was attacked from behind. Shin then leaves the house abruptly, and so I give chase.

Outside, I manage to catch to him. I try to learn what he’s doing, but all he says is for me to go back to the shared house with the others, and that he needs to look into something. He stops and strokes my hair, surprising me so much that I freeze.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 73Huh?

My Strange Lovers - Shin 74Oh, and he won’t be back home tomorrow either, because he doesn’t know if he can control himself from doing something to me. With that, he removes his hand and walks off into the distance.

The next day, Hyouko uses his fox power to make a barrier around the house that would keep the Specters away. Tasuku is also resting in the house. Shin, as promised, didn’t come back. I wonder if Shin went to Miho’s place after all, and my heart aches at the thought.

I bump into Shogo Domoto after work, and he asks me if I’d like to have coffee with him.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 75I’m sorry. I can’t go out with a stranger.

Shogo laughs and admits that this was too sudden.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 76Okay, I say, and walk to the station with him.

Shogo asks again about vacancies in the shared house, and says that he heard that there’s a unicorn living there. I confirm it, and he confesses that it’s rare to see a unicorn around. As we part, Shogo asks if it’s okay for him to invite me to dinner sometime. At my surprised reaction, he laughs it off and apologises for putting me on the spot – he’ll invite me out again.

We part ways, and when I backtrack after realising that I need to charge my IC card, I spot Shogo meet up with a woman in sunglasses. She removes her sunglasses and I realise that it’s Miho Kasahara. They get in a taxi together. What’s going on? After I witnessed this, I got a call from Zennen, who urges me to go to his office right now. He tells me that Yoichi Sumeragi is pretending to be a human named Shogo Domoto.

At Yoshii-san’s office, I confess that I may know this Shogo Domoto guy.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 77Oh man Yoshii-san’s reaction is priceless.

As I connect the dots while recounting what I saw at the station to Yoshii-san, I realise that Shin is in danger from Miho Kasahara and Shogo Domoto, and so I run out of the office. I call Mao and ask if Shin’s home yet – negative. I ask him for Shin’s studio, and Tasuku comes to the phone to give me the studio’s address. Shin isn’t there either. It’s late already, and I start to head back, when suddenly I hear a voice which fills me with dread.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 78ã‚­ã‚¿!!!

At my flustered response to his presence, Shogo realises that I already know who he really is. He asks me what I was doing out so late when I was originally supposed to be home.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 79Don’t tell him. “It’s none of your business,” I say.

Shogo turns into his real form, Yoichi Sumeragi, and rapidly approaches me. He tells me that I don’t have to be afraid – after all, it’s the full moon tonight. Beasts are strong tonight, so he can’t attack us.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 80What power???

I can’t move when I look into his eyes. Sheesh, what’s with me and eyes?! Yoichi asks if I’m really a beast, and wonders if his powers have grown strong enough to seal a beast’s movements on the night of the full moon. I ask Yoichi about his motives for doing all these.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 81Specters can live in human society too if they can get their hands on bodies like this.

He grabs my clothes, and confirms his suspicions – I’m human.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 82NO. NO BODY POSSESSION PLEASE.

Yoichi puts his hands around my neck. At that moment, something moves behind Yoichi, and he screams. I fall to the ground as he pushes me away.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 83SHIN!!!!! I’ve never been so pleased to see you.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 84Can I just keep this precious sentence forever.

Yoichi realises that Shin is a wolf, and knowing that he can’t win against Shin, escapes. But not before letting it be known that I’m human.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 85I didn’t intend to deceive you.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 86Shin says as he places his hand against my neck.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 87Oh.

I apologise once more. Shin said that there are no beasts who’d turn down a wolf on the night of the full moon, so he knew that I was human especially once I took an overt interest in learning about beasts. Shin also said that he’d been out earlier tonight looking for me once he knew that I hadn’t gone home yet.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 88Don’t stop, this feeeeeling.

“But I’m a beast,” he says, “I can’t love you…”

My Strange Lovers - Shin 89Stop walking off everywhere, Shin.

We go home together. As we enter the living room, we meet up with everyone and update them on what happened.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 90We were lucky that it’s a full moon tonight.

Hyouko expresses surprise that Yoichi attacked me knowing full well that it’s a full moon night. Shin looks at me and I wonder if he’s going to tell everyone that I’m human. Tasuku asks if I’m okay.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 91Yes. “Shin came just in time.”

My Strange Lovers - Shin 92We’re not out of the woods yet guys.

Tasuku advises for me to go back to my room to rest, and Shin bids me to sleep well. Back in my room, I feel sick knowing that Shin won’t be able to love me.

The next day, I wake up early to make breakfast. Shin is there! He’s the first one up today. I try to bring last night up, but he cuts me off. He says that he’s going to meet Miho today. I strongly tell him that it’s not a good idea, bringing up me witnessing Miho and Yoichi together.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 93It seems that Shin already knew about her relationship with a guy named Shogo Domoto, which was why he got close to her in the first place. I ask if she’s his girlfriend, and he denies it.

“But, you like… human girls, right?” I say.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 94And then he leaves again.


My Strange Lovers - Shin 95Don’t leave me alone. “I don’t want to be separated from you,” I confess.

Shin makes a pained expression.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 96WHY SHIN, WHY.

And then he leaves for real. After smiling at me. WTF.

Everyone else wakes up soon after, and for the first time, Hyouko is actually joining us for breakfast! All four of us eat breakfast, and Tasuku notices my edginess. I decide to confess to everyone that I’m not a beast. I apologise for tricking them when I first moved in.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 97Wait, what?

My Strange Lovers - Shin 98Apparently only Mao doesn’t know that I’m human.

Tasuku assures me that they don’t have a problem with me being human. In fact, the one in danger is me, as we are currently under attack by Specters. I tell them that the reason why I decided to confess was because Shin went to see Miho this morning, and that Miho is connected to Yoichi. Hyouko comes to the rescue by saying that he can locate Shin via smell as it’s his fox ability. We see that Mao is having a hard time hiding his surprise, to which Hyouko explains:

My Strange Lovers - Shin 99Okay, I’ll chew on that tidbit for Mao’s story next.

The three men prepare to head out to search for Shin, and I’m asked to stay home by Tasuku as they can’t take me into such a dangerous situation. The doorbell rings, and Mao goes to see who it is. It’s Yoshii-san.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 100That’s abrupt. Shin had told him that I was attacked by a Specter. Yoshii-san can’t let me continue to stay here anymore as a result.

Yoshii-san hands me an eviction notice and tells me to pack up now. Wow, harsh much?

I respond with all my heart that I don’t want to move, that I want to help out with this Specter issue with everyone. I desperately want to save Shin. Giving up, Yoshii-san hands me a folded amulet, instructing me to shove this at the Specter if anything happens. Thus, we head out.

Hyouko leads us towards the station and to a shrine that’s been covered with overgrown shrubs. He smells blood and the presence of a Specter. Mao find Shin under a tree in front of the shrine, blood gushing from his shoulder and barely conscious.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 101Nuuuuu.

Yoichi seems to have gotten even more powerful, claiming to possess the power of wolves now. Mao tries to attack him, but was blown away through Yoichi’s power (he’s a cat after all). Yoichi notices me and wipes blood off his mouth.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 102DON’T TELL ME–

Yoichi mentions that it was most likely because Shin broke the rule of not falling in love with a human. But he noted that Shin’s attraction could have been to Miho Kasahara, who’s currently crucified on another tree and is unconscious. Apparently, she had fallen in love with Shin after getting close to him for Yoichi’s sake. Yoichi had in turn erased her memories because she asked for Shin not to be killed. Yoichi approaches me, and I find that I can’t breathe.

Hyouko intervenes and attacks Yoichi, who finally realises Hyouko’s presence. The spell on me is broken, and I crumple to the ground. Tasuku comes over to help me up, and he delivers the bad news of how we can’t do anything now that Yoichi has Shin’s wolf power. Mao asks Tasuku about his mirror, but the sun is sinking beyond the trees around the shrine.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 103Use the talisman. Because why not.

I run towards Yoichi with the talisman and shove it at him.

A bright line shines after I do so, and we take the chance to assess Shin’s wounds. Mao shouts for me to look out, but it’s too late – I feel a sharp pain on my back and now I can’t stand up.


Hyouko has been attacking Yoichi and diverting his attention away, but this time, he’s sent flying back when he touches Yoichi. Shin manages to gather his senses and rushes at Yoichi to save me. He gathers me in his arms despite his wounds.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 105Hold his hand.

Yoichi and Shin attack each other. Shin calls for Tasuku, who’s prepared the mirror.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 106White light stabs at Yoichi, and he gradually fades into a shadow.

Onto the last episode, it’s been a week since we defeated Yoichi. I find myself in Yoshii-san’s office, preparing to move to another place just as I’d promised. Apparently I want to keep this a secret, as I won’t be able to leave if I tell them. Yoshii-san says that it’s safe for me to stay in the shared house now that the Specter is gone, but I refuse. Looks like being with Shin will make it impossible for me to stop loving him.

Back to the house, I make breakfast for Tasuku, Hyouko, and Mao, who all eventually leave for work and school. Shin is apparently still asleep in his room. I place my goodbye letter in the living room and leave the shared house.

My next house is five stations away from the shared house. I study my new house and prepare to enter when a guy calls out to me.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 107He snags my suitcase from me.

Apparently Shin had threatened Yoshii-san to alert him if i ever moved out. Shin tells me to follow him someplace in his car. We end up in downtown with lots of people. I worry that people will recognise Shin in such a crowded place, and it does happen. They assume that I’m one of his play things, and I look down in embarrassment.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 108Shin puts his arm around my shoulder and leads me into a back alleyway.

We walk alone on the road, but somehow I keep sensing that something was off. No one was around when I peered behind us though. Shin notices my reaction.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 109“… We’ll run,” he says.

He grabs my hand and starts to run. We wind through the back alleys, and it’s as if Shin knows every road. Finally, we escape the paparazzi.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 110Oh I see.

Shin mentions that he’ll be holding a secret concert soon, and that he wants me to go. He’s yet to show me ‘Shin Kamiya’ the celebrity yet.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 111“So don’t go away,” he says with sad puppy dog eyes.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 112“I love you,” he repeats, before pushing me against the building wall.

“But I’m human,” I say. To which he replies that he only likes human women anyway. Besides, he’s not doing this for fun – he wants to be in a serious relationship with me.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 113Yup, don’t need words to show me that cute blush.

He wraps his hand around my waist, and I panic and ask him again if he’s really serious. I freeze at the look on Shin’s face.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 114I’m unable to hide my feelings for him at his sincerity. I confess my love for him too.

We kiss.

My Strange Lovers - Shin 115

My Strange Lovers - Shin 116“I’ll love you wildly,” he declares.

We go back home together, but kiss every time we find a corner to hide behind hur hur hur. And this is how I start living at the shared house again.

Here, have the special image:

My Strange Lovers - Shin 117

I have no doubts that Anon here is going to be deflowered really soon. Shin you dog.


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    Hi! So I’ve been searching Episode 12 in Youtube (I can’t earn 100pts for one ending ticket by watching ads , and I’m too broke to buy ), unfortunately I can’t find one in English and then.. I found this! Thank you very much~

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