Otome Game: My Strange Lovers Walkthrough [Mao Nekomiya]

Prologue | Tasuku | Shin | Mao | Hyouko

Mao had always been a cutie in other storylines I played – he even confessed to me in Shin’s story, which wrecked so much havoc in my head – so I was excited to get to his story as a love interest this time. Will the adorable kitty pounce? Let’s find out:

Mao is surprised that I choose him.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 01Fuck off, Hyouko.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 02Mao immediately gets the both of us on a first name basis. I’m surprised at the familarity, and Shin grabs the chance to tease Mao over his last name – Nekomiya means cat palace, which totally suits him. Mao says to just call him by his first name.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 03Okay.

Shin chimes in to call him right away if Mao tries anything on me. I think I should be more wary of you, Shin.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 04Yea, what Mao said.

Tasuku also observes that Mao is super popular at his university. That’s kind of a non sequitur, unless Tasuku’s trying to set me up with Mao on the get-go…? I learn that Mao’s a sophomore at university, and realise that he’s younger than me. I note that it makes sense since he acts like one, and that he’s innocent, cheerful, and the easiest one to talk to.

Anyway, Mao shows me around the house.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 05Say what?

Anyway, Mao shows me around and we head upstairs to the balcony, where we have a little chat. I talk about my excitement at working at the clothing store here, and Mao discloses that he likes clothes too – and we should go shopping together sometime. We chat for a bit more, and I feel glad to have chosen Mao as my house buddy.

The next morning, I prepare breakfast, but Mao passes by like a hurricane thanks to him oversleeping for a class. Tasuku tells him that breakfast is good, and Mao perks up, but decides to forgo it as he cannot afford to be late anymore for the class. Seeing him so flustered and full of energy puts a smile on my face.

I head to my first day at work. Everyone seems nice, and I feel really happy at how everything in my life is going smoothly. I go back to an empty shared house at the end of the day. Mao finally comes home, and he expresses surprise at my being there all alone.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 06Also, Tasuku had a meeting today, but he should be home soon too.

Mao adds on that he was invited for drinks with his friends, but he refused, as it’s a full moon today. Huh?

My Strange Lovers - Mao 07Mao is surprised, and questions my invitation. I mention that I wanted to drink with everyone, and had bought drinks for this occasion.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 08“Your room?” I ask. Mao confirms it, saying that the others will be annoying about it when they come home. We go to his room with some drinks and snacks.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 09Kanpai!

We chat for hours while drinking. I mentioned how envious I am of college life – how fun it is. And then I ask Mao a question:

My Strange Lovers - Mao 10Is there anyone you like?

My Strange Lovers - Mao 11“No one at… college.” Mao answers as he blushes.

I exclaim how that’s such a waste, and that Mao should find someone, noting how guys like Mao were super popular at my college. I glance out the window to see the full moon out of his window.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 12Mao turns my question around to myself. I reply that I want one, but it’s not easy to make a boyfriend.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 13Mao remarks… with a smile??

My Strange Lovers - Mao 14Holy crap is he…?

I realise that we’re sitting very close together.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 15

My Strange Lovers - Mao 16WHOA WHOA WHOA.

On to episode 2!

Mao grabs my arm. I ask Mao if he’s drunk, to which he denies. “Let’s just try it once,” he says. I insist that he’s drunk, and offer to get water for him. “You’re wrong,” he claims.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 17Mao continues by saying that there’s no way that he can control himself in this situation.

Mao looks at me ‘with lusty eyes’. LOL like this? 😍



I touch those potentially tumourous lumps and find them to be soft. They look like cat ears. Mao explains that he can’t hide his cat ears on the night of the full moon, and expresses surprise that I’m able to. This is also the reason why he doesn’t hang out with his friends at full moon.

The next day, I approach Yoshii-san at the real estate agency. Apparently, I’d taken the opportunity to dash out of Mao’s room the moment Tasuku came home last night. Tasuku approached me after he noticed Mao’s ears, and warned me over being careful during the full moon – that Shin will turn into a wolf, Hyouko into a fox, and himself into a unicorn.

Back to the present, I confront Yoshii-san about these beastly shenanigans.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 20Yoshii-san explains.

“Somebody attacked me on the first day I moved in,” I admitted. I voice my desire to move out.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 21Yoshii-san you fraud. Looks like I can only move out after paying the cancellation fee of 500,000 yen (~$5000 USD)

After exclaiming how that’s impossible for me, Yoshii-san concedes by saying he’ll let me move out if I can find out more details about my beastly housemates, as they’ve been going out at night recently and he wants to find out what exactly they’re doing. Such a snoop, Yoshii-san.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 22All I have to do is find out, right? Just making sure this time, you fraud.

Oh, and Yoshii-san forgot to tell me one more thing:

My Strange Lovers - Mao 23“You can’t fall in love with a beast,” he continues in a conspiratory whisper.

I go back to the shared house to find Tasuku and Mao at home. Mao approaches me asking if I have some free time for a little talk.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 24And so I agree to meet him at the balcony.

We sit in silence before Mao speaks up.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 25He almost hits his head while bowing to me. (Such a cutie!)

Mao emphasizes that he didn’t mean to hurt me, and that he never knew that he could act like he did last night. I reply that I understand. Mao continues by saying that he’s immature, which is why he can’t control himself – everyone in this house teases him about still being a kid.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 26Your ears were cute.

“What?!” Mao exclaims. I respond by saying that I was surprised, but that’s okay, as he’s a cat after all. I reflect that Mao is very kind and easy to talk to despite being a beast. I mention that Mao doesn’t have to worry about it.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 27HOOK, LINE, SINKER.

We continue talking on the balcony long after that, and I reflect that our personalities match really well, like good friends. On to episode 3.

I make breakfast the next day. Tasuku thanks me for the meal, as he does everyday.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 28The wolf also makes a rare appearance at the breakfast table. Apparently, he’s done with a new song, and I feel special knowing that I’m living with a famous rock star.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 29THE FU– Of course you’d say that Shin you scoundrel.

Shin enquires about the whereabouts of Mao, wondering if he overslept again. Mao enters the living room replying that he’s awake, and that Shin shouldn’t act like he’s king since it’s his first time at the breakfast table. I bring Mao his breakfast.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 30I’d made a smoothie with some citrus fruits and had put a sliced lemon as a topping. Apparently, Mao isn’t good with sour food. He’s surprised that I am, though. Shin and Tasuku find the smoothie to their satisfaction despite it being sour, but Mao is now worried that I still hold a grudge against him.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 31I vehemently respond.

Quick on the uptake, Shin asks if something happened between me and Mao, to which I deny. Tasuku wonders if I often drinks these kinds of drinks.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 32Yes, I do. Apparently it’s nutritious and perks me up whenever I’m feeling fatigued.

In the end, I bring milk for Mao.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 33Sorry Mao.


I go to work and search up on stuff on my phone. Looks like cats don’t like spicy food. My co-worker comes up to me and asks if I have a cat, to which I respond that I don’t, but am curious about them. I let my co-worker gush about her cat with a hot-cold personality. After work, I see Mao walk home from the station and catch up to him. I ask if he’s headed home, but it looks like he’s going for drinks with his friends. Oh.

“Looks like fun,” I say.

Mao however, looks angry while he says that it’s not. I talk to him about treasuring friendships, since I rarely have time to hang out with my friends now that we’ve all started working.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 35You should hang out with them a lot now. I give my sagely advice.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 36Aww Mao. :(

Mao confesses that he’s never fallen in love before, even though he’s hung out with girls. He concludes that he doesn’t know how to treat human women after all. I ask in surprise if he’s okay with falling in love with a human.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 37Oh I see.

Mao asks if I’ve ever fallen in love with a human before. I reply that I never really got together with anyone. Mao talks a bit about how he never had a choice until now that he’s found a female cat. While staring at me. Ahem. I realise that I’ve been keeping him, and promise to talk more some other time. Mao offers to walk me home, but I assure him that I’m fine, that he should join his friends. And so we part ways.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 38Who’s this now I wonder 😂 Mr. Stranger wonders about the girl hanging out with Mao (i.e. me).

On to Episode 4!

I leave the shared house at my usual time the next day, to find a man standing in front of the house. However, I head on to the station without approaching him. We find him surprised that I live at the shared house.

At work, a different co-worker approaches me while I’m on break. Her eyes are red and puffy, and I find out that she broke up with her boyfriend the day before. She came out of this relationship with the opinion that dating older men is the better choice after all, as her ex was six years younger than her – a college student. Apparently, he wanted to break up after he got a job. She concludes that older guys are more mature and better dating material.

I ruminate on my co-workers words as I walk home at the end of the day. I think about Mao, who’s also younger than me. However, I keep coming back to how dating Mao would be a lot of fun. Just then, I spot Mao at the station walking with a girl. I watch as the girl let go of Mao’s sleeve and go through the ticket gate. I run up to him and call out his name.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 39“Let’s go home together,” I say.

Along the way, I ask Mao if the girl is his girlfriend.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 40Yup. I comment that he’s popular with girls after all.

Mao denies it, saying that she’s just his friend. I’m taken aback by how firmly he denies it. Back at the shared house, Mao heads for his room without saying anything. I go to the living room to find Tasuku and Shin there.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 41Oh no!

Tasuku and Shin head out, leaving Mao and I in charge of relaying the incident to Hyouko when he comes home.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 42What’s going on?

Mao explains that someone has been attacking and killing beasts for a while before I arrived. He continues by saying that Tasuku believes that it’s the work of Specters.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 43I guess we need a exorcist. Looks like killing the beasts helps Specters to improve their capabilities.

Mao confesses that they occasionally go out to investigate these incidents in order to find out more about them, as they aren’t able to rely on human police. I mull over how I’ve found out what Yoshii-san tasked me to do.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 44Mao continues by saying how Specters have periodically invaded the shared house, and adds that the majority are low-tiered weaklings.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 45

My Strange Lovers - Mao 46I’m glad to hear that. Mao tries to allay my fears by telling me not to worry about a thing.

Hyouko came back and immediately ran after Tasuku and Shin after he learnt of the incident. I’d fallen asleep by the time the three of them returned. The next morning, I make breakfast before embarking on the herculean task of cleaning the house, since it’s my day off. I go to the entrance, intending to clean it, when I see a cute girl standing outside. Upon a closer look, I realised that she was the girl who was with Mao the night before.

I call out to the girl, and she asks if Mao is in the house. I reply that he’s not, and ask if she’s Mao’s friend.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 47What’s with college kids and their uncanny ability to evade questions? Anyway, Aika asks if I live here, to which I give an affirmative.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 48And then she leaves. RUDE.

That night, Mao is begging Tasuku to help me put in a good word with his professor regarding his failing class. Tasuku refuses, and Mao complains about how he isn’t able to graduate now that he doesn’t have enough credits. I advise Mao to ask his professor again instead of Tasuku, which he seems to heed. I bring up Aika Tanaka, and noted that she asked if Mao was around when I met her this morning.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 49I reply that she didn’t, but bringing Aika up seemed to make Mao unhappy.

I ask Mao if he had quarrelled with her, but Mao denies it. He looks so angry that I decide not to continue this line of probing. Changing the subject, Mao asks if I’m free this weekend. I am, and so we make a date to go shopping like he suggested when we first met.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 50Yeah! Yay shopping!

Tasuku notes that both Mao and I seem to be getting pretty close.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 51

My Strange Lovers - Mao 51bYes, I know that.

Tasuku mentions that he’s worried about Mao since he has a lot of opportunities to mingle with humans. He ends the conversation by saying that as long as I know this rule, things should be fine. I wonder if Tasuku has figured out that I’m a human, and remind myself to be more careful.

Saturday comes along, and my shopping date with Mao is about to commence. Our plan is to go to the city center and have him show me the popular and interesting stores. I’m a little nervous about hanging out with him for the first time today, despite being such good friends that I can talk to him without reserve.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 52Mao casually holds out his hand for me to catch up with him while crossing the road. I hesitate, so he grabs onto mine. Sneaky! We ran across the crowded crosswalk while holding hands. I realise how large his hand is, and my hearts thuds thanks to his firm grip on my hand. We let go once we reach the other side of the road though.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 53I don’t know what will happen today. Such confused feels. For some reason, I’m always thinking about Mao now.

We head for lunch first.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 54I exclaim how I’ve always dreamed about having lunch in a place like this. I also tease Mao about coming to places like this with girls a lot.

After lunch, we head to one of the popular malls. It’s so crowded that I find myself having difficulty navigating the place. Mao senses my plight and takes my hand again.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 55

My Strange Lovers - Mao 56😂 I apologise, but Mao continues by saying that it makes him nervous. I notice that his cheeks are flushed.

We go shopping, and I’m really excited about all the stores. After our trip, we talk about how satisfying it as that we were able to find awesome stuff. Mao leaves to find the restroom, and I notice that Aika is here as well. She approaches and asks if I’m going to take Mao away from her.

“What?” I reply dumbfounded.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 57Uh, I see…?

Mao returns, and Aika confronts him on him never answering his phone. He tells her to quit her theatrics, as we’re in a store right now.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 58

Aika glares at me before accusing Mao of not dating her even though they kissed, to which Mao retorts that she kissed him because she was drunk that one time. OH MY, THE DRAMA. Aika leaves in a huff after announcing that she’ll never talk to him anymore. Mao apologises to me for the ruckus, and we leave.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 59What happened with her? TELL ME PLEASE I NEEDS THE GOSSIPS.


We head back home. Mao apologises for ruining the day once again. I tell Mao not to blame Aika, because even though I don’t know what happened between the both of them, I can tell that she really likes him, and that they should talk it over. I stressed the importance of putting his feelings and thoughts across to her. I look up to see a man standing in front of us, staring at us with red eyes.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 61GAH!

Mao steps forward to protect me. The man attacks Mao, but Mao scratches the man’s face with his claws. The man slumps onto the ground clutching his face, before disappearing into a black smoke. I ask Mao what just happened, and he explains that the man was a low-level Specter who couldn’t control the body that it had taken over. Mao wraps his arms around me to comfort my shaken self, and I rue over my growing feelings for him. We hurry home to the shared house where it’s safe.

On to episode 7, I go back to my room and realise that I’m falling in love with Mao, a beast. I decide to drown myself in my thoughts in the living room, when I heard someone come home at 1am. It was Hyouko, who tells me that he usually comes home around this time. I tell him to take care of himself.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 62Oh really?


Hyouko chuckles and admits that he caught the flu last year for the first time.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 64!!!

The next day, I leave the house after making breakfast for everyone. I drop by Yoshii-san’s agency. I told him that I saw a Specter the night before.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 65He wants me to look into it a little more for the time being. Wow, someone has no qualms about putting a frail human girl into mortal danger huh.

I head for work after visiting Yoshii-san, and come back home at the end of the day. Tasuku is watching a TV programme with Shin on it. Surprisingly, Hyouko is also home. Turns out that Tasuku was asked to record the show for Shin.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 66A man can like whatever he wants, Hyouko. Stop being sexist.

Anyway, I can’t take my eyes off Shin, and comment that he’s very good-looking. Tasuku asks if I’m interested in Shin, which I deny – I simply thought that he was cool, is all. Mao comes down to the living room and joins us in watching Shin on TV. After the performance, Shin blows a kiss at the audience, and I just can’t help myself from exclaiming how cool he is.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 67Hyouko and Tasuku also wonder if all women like guys like Shin. I simply state that he’s cool, and fail to notice how shocked Mao is by my admission.

Hyouko brings up the subject of Mao defeating the Specter the last night, querying if it’s true that Mao was out of shape.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 68Is that true Mao? Mao confesses that he felt that something was different from before.

Tasuku continues questioning Mao on it, and Mao says that he was able to bring out more power before the incident last night. Tasuku looks at Mao with worry.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 69Hyouko, cutting to the chase. “I heard many girls at the college like you,” Hyouko continues.

Tasuku reiterates that he can’t fall in love with a human.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 70“The one I like is…” And he shuts up before escaping from the living room.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 71“Don’t you think so, Anon?” Hyouko directs his question at me.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 71bIs that what he meant? PLAY DUMB, PLAY DUMB.

I go up to talk to Mao and knock on his door. He opens it up and asks if Hyouko and Tasuku asked me to come. “No,” I reply, “I’m the one who wanted to come myself.”

Girl, language.

Anyway, Mao lets me into the room, and I sit on his bed (where is this going).

My Strange Lovers - Mao 72“Okay…” I say.

Mao continues by worrying about whether his powers will decrease if he worries about a woman even if he doesn’t love her. At this point, I find myself wondering why beasts lose their power when they fall in love with a human.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 74Do I sense… thought crime??

Mao seems slightly cheered up by my analysis, and I look up to find him gazing at me seriously. His unusually manly expression makes my heart throb.


It’s Aika. Figures.

Despite my selfish wishes, I urge Mao to go have a talk with the crying Aika, and after thinking about it, he leaves before thanking me. My heart aches painfully after he leaves, and I ask myself what on earth I’m doing. Sigh.

The next morning, I go down to the kitchen to make breakfast, and it looks like Mao didn’t come home.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 76I wonder if he was with Aika last night.

I want to stop thinking about it, and I know that I can’t fall fall in love with the beasts. I know that. Thinking that, I start making breakfast.

Tasuku enters and asks if Mao came home. He asks if I knew what happened, and I told him about yesterday.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 77Thanks Tasuku, very helpful.

He adds that Mao is a bit weak-willed, and that nothing will be resolved if he keeps trying to run away from his problems. What. Anyway, it seems that talking this over with Tasuku makes my resolve stronger – I decide to leave the shared house as soon as possible.

It’s the end of the work day and I leave to go home. I kept thinking about Mao on my way home, and realise that someone was standing in front of the shared house as I neared it. I approach him.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 78“Please let me see the beasts inside,” he continues. At my hesitance, he adds that someone is going to kill him.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 79Go and ask somebody.

I let him in anyway for him to explain the situation to whomever’s in the house. Tasuku and Shin are in the house.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 80

I turn around to introduce the stranger to Tasuku, but Tasuku shouts for me to get away from him. I get shoved to the floor by the stranger as he starts to attack Tasuku.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 81Loving the sound effects lol

My Strange Lovers - Mao 82Holy crap is this the first time we hear Tasuku swear?!?!

The man bites Tasuku on the shoulder. I hope he’s not transmitting anything contagious. Meanwhile, Shin grabs the man from behind and pulls him off Tasuku.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 83Yoichi affirms Shin’s deduction.

Yoichi’s body is surrounded by a whirlwind as Tasuku gets up. “I need power! The power of a unicorn!” Yoichi shouts. I slowly connect the dots and realise that Yoichi is a Specter. He attacks Tasuku again and again, but this time, Tasuku fights back.

“Specter scum!” Tasuku retorts as he grabs Yoichi’s neck and drains him of his power.

Yoichi retaliates by slicing Tasuku’s hand and blasting Shin with just a look – Shin is thrown so hard against the wall that he loses consciousness. This doesn’t look good.

Yoichi heads towards me. I scream for help, but he freezes when he grabs my hand.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 84Uh oh.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 85You also lost your grammar. He releases his hold on me.

“Thanks for letting me in this house, human,” he says as he leaves.

What. Just. Happened.

I rush to Tasuku and Shin to find them badly hurt, and proceed to call Mao for help. Mao answers his phone and I relay the situation to him. Mao says that he’s at the station and will be right there. However, just before I hang up, I hear Aika’s voice on the other side of the phone.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 86Rude. Mao hangs up, and I realise that things didn’t seem to be settled between the both of them yet.

Tasuku tells me to go get Mao, and so I run to the station to see him. I find Mao and Aika in front of the station, and it seems that Aika doesn’t want to let Mao go. I run to them and tell Mao that Tasuku wants him to come home right now, and ask Aika to let go of Mao.

Aika accuses me of lying, that I only want to take Mao away from her. At this point I’m all, bitchplz, but Anon is better-mannered than I am and so I don’t say anything.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 87Please let him go. I tell Aika that Mao doesn’t love her, and she should accept the fact.

Aika releases her grip on Mao’s hand. Mao apologises to her, but she only replies with a statement that she won’t forgive me before heading back into the station. Mao and I run back into the shared house.

Once we arrive, Tasuku tasks Mao to gather some medicinal herbs, and we set to treating the worst of their injuries. Tasuku asks if I was okay, and I reply that Yoichi didn’t attack me. I apologise for letting Yoichi in the house, but Tasuku reassures me by stating that Specters always try to manipulate others.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 88I freeze. He stares at me.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 89W-what’s he gonna do?!

My Strange Lovers - Mao 90Looks more like magazines to me, but if you say so Anon.

Tasuku admits that he’s known that I was not a beast for a while now, as I’m far too lacking in power for a beast. I was more like a human, so he had a hunch that I might be human. Occam’s Razor and all that, I guess.

I apologise to Tasuku, telling him that I didn’t mean to lie. He assures me that I won’t be chased out of the house just because I’m human.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 91They say a way to a man’s heart…

However, Tasuku couches this with saying how they have more to be careful about with me being human – like you know, during the full moon, or their current problem with the Specters. They’ll have to protect me if me staying with them is putting myself in danger. Tasuku continues saying that it’s very likely that Mao is losing his power because he spends too much time with me – we get along well and Mao trusts me a lot.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 92Oh…

My Strange Lovers - Mao 93Oh??

This revelation gives me mixed feelings. It would be wonderful if Mao loves me. On the other hand, there’s still the issue of him not knowing that I’m not a beast. I ask Tasuku for his advice, so he tells me that it would be best to keep this a secret for the time being.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 94I’m scared of revealing this lie to Mao now. :S

My Strange Lovers - Mao 95I’ll do my best. “I don’t want to hurt him,” I say.

I leave Tasuku’s room after that, and Mao asks me about what we were talking about. I rebut that it’s none of his business and retire to my room where I cry over the way I treated him. Way to go Anon.

On to episode 10, I head to work after a sleepless night and keep thinking about Mao while dealing with customers. My co-worker asks me if I know the man standing in front of the store. It turns out to be Mao, who wants to talk to me. I tell him that I’m still on the clock, to which he replies that he can wait until I’m done. It seems that he really wants to talk to me, even though I tell him that I don’t know just when I would be done.

I get permission from my manager for an early break, and so I head to a cafe with Mao. He wants to know the details about the Specter yesterday. I tell him about how I let him in the shared house after he stood outside asking for help.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 96“Notice what?” I ask.

“I meant did you notice he was a Specter?” Mao clarified. I confirm that I did not.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 97Mao continues by asking if I’m losing my abilities too.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 98Oh Mao…

“Or…” he continues. “Are you human?”

My Strange Lovers - Mao 99… I couldn’t answer his question.

After a minute, I decide to confess to Mao that I’m human, and tell him everything.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 100

My Strange Lovers - Mao 101Mao goes on to apologise for him not noticing that I was human because he’s only a cat. He then leaves me at the cafe.

I visit Yoshii-san after work, with the intention to move out.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 102“That’s not good,” he says, “I think you should move out.” THAT’S WHAT I’D BEEN TRYING TO DO ALL ALONG DAMMIT YOSHII-SAN.

Yoshii-san also agrees that it’s become too dangerous for me to stay there since I even invited a Specter into the house, and gives me some properties to look at. I leave his office and am consumed by thoughts of living apart from the beasts that I don’t notice some guys approaching me in the middle of the dark street.

Three guys stand in front of me. Oh hey, Aika’s there too. I ask her who the guys are.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 103“I don’t want you and Mao to get together!” She shouts.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 104I’m moving out (of) the house.

Aika doesn’t care. She whispers to the men and they approach me and grab my wrists. Aika tells them to do whatever they want to me before leaving. OH HELL NO. I am forced into a car and transported to where a Mr. Domoto is waiting.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 105Seriously how much more suck can this day get.

The Specter, going by the alias Shogo Domoto, grabs my wrist and shoves me back into the car, presumably heading to a party. We arrive in a vacant lot.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 106Looks like Yoichi deceived these bad guys too.

Yoichi comments that he was shocked to find that I’m human.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 107Okay…?

“At any rate, it’d be great if I could get a unicorn’s powers. My body will be completed then.” He continues. Er, can we go back to when you said you almost killed me?

I ask if he meant Tasuku.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 108Apparently just the blood from scratching Tasuku yesterday gave him his current power, where he’s unaffected by humans. Well crap.

Yoichi commands a gust of wind and sends me flying back with it. I get back up to my feet and try to put some distance between us, but it’s an attempt in vain. Just then, Mao appears! What?

My Strange Lovers - Mao 109“Don’t worry. I had a word with her.” He says, as he stands between me and Yoichi.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 110

Unfortunately, Yoichi doesn’t think much of Mao and prepares to blow him away too. But Mao brushes it off? What’s happening? Mao proceeds to attack Yoichi with his claws, but they have no effect on the Specter. Mao runs towards Yoichi and scratches his leg, drawing blood. This causes Yoichi to retaliate by emitting red flames from his fingers, which he’s about attack Mao with. I rush to protect Mao, and take the blow for him. My back burns.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 111

My Strange Lovers - Mao 112Yes you better believe.

I begin to lose consciousness.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 113I love you. 

My Strange Lovers - Mao 114Somehow Mao sprouts ears and defeats Yoichi?!

My Strange Lovers - Mao 115… Are you going to defeat Yoichi with testosterone?!

Yoichi completely disappears. All I can see is Mao standing beside me.

I wake up at the shared house with Mao, Tasuku, Hyouko, and Shin. Shin confirms that I’m definitely human, and Hyouko agrees with the fact that I’m not already dead from this wound. Mao asks if everyone but him knew that she wasn’t a beast, which they confirm.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 116Thanks, Shin.

Apparently, Mao had rubbed medicinal herbs all over my back, and he wouldn’t allow Shin to help. I notice that bandages are wrapped around my back, and blush at how it got there. The others are curious about how Mao managed to defeat Yoichi, and Mao replies by saying that he felt a power stronger than anything he had ever felt surge in him at the thought of wanting to protect me.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 117I’m glad you are alive too. “That’s my line.” Mao replies.

I’m glad that I can see how strong Mao is before I leave this house.

The last episode commences. Now that my injury is getting better, I get ready to leave the house as per my agreement with Yoshii-san. I ask everyone to gather at the living room on the day that I move out to tell them about it. I apologise once more for lying about being a beast, and everyone is confused as to why Yoshii-san would think that I’d be able to pull this over them, especially Hyouko with that nose of his.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 118

My Strange Lovers - Mao 119Aww that face.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 120I suspect that my only good point in Tasuku’s eyes is my breakfast.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 121Hyouko starts to complain about the house going to be full of nothing but smelly beasts once more. LOL

Mao asks once more if I’m really going to be leaving. I affirm that and hold my suitcase to leave for real. Shin offers to walk me to the station, but I’m good. I invite everyone to visit me at my new house, and Tasuku responds to my invitation for me to visit them at the shared house anytime I wish to. I thank Mao once more for everything that he’s done for me.

I walk to the station, thinking about how much I didn’t want to leave. But I can’t, because I’m not a beast. Mao chases after me and offers to walk me to the station. He takes my suitcase and walks beside me. He suddenly turns to the right when we hit the corner, saying that it’s a shortcut. A shortcut? I follow Mao down a street I don’t know. Mao asks if he can ask one last question.

“What is it?” I ask.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 122

“What?!” I exclaim. He stops, turns around, and repeats the question. I can see that he’s serious.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 123WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ANON.

“Because I’m a beast?” Mao asks. “I would choose to lose my power rather than losing you.”

My Strange Lovers - Mao 124“You give me power – a power that is stronger than any other.” THE POWER OF LOVEEEEE~

My Strange Lovers - Mao 125He hugs me tightly and tells me that if I leave, he’ll leave too.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 127“I love you too.” I finally confess.

I place my hand on his shoulder, and he settles his on my neck. I look into his eyes.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 128GETTING HOT HERE.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 129WHOOP WHOOP

Mao pulls back for a moment, gazes into my eyes, and kisses me again. We kiss over and over again in the corner of that dark street. I look up to see that there’s a full moon in the sky.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 130… does this mean I’ll look forward to it tomorrow?

I also realise that I can no longer see Mao’s cat ears. Mao says that we should make our way to my new house, and so I follow him with a tinge of regret at moving. Lo and behold, we wind up at the shared house again.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 131He smiles, and I smile back at him.

And so I start my new life at the shared house again.

Here’s the special happy ending image for Mao! It’s been a wild ride.

My Strange Lovers - Mao 132

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