On Marriage & Plain Vanilla Bakery

I spent one Saturday morning attending a peer’s solemnisation ceremony. I had already been living overseas when people my age started to get hitched, so it was pretty interesting to observe the ritual now that I’m back home and getting inundated with marriage news here and there. This particular ceremony was an unexpectedly cool affair- the solemnisor surprised all of us by being so upbeat; it was like he was a DJ for a chinese radio station. It was pretty awesome, even if he did make some gender stereotyping remarks.

However, as I mentioned to Puey during the event, I’m still not convinced over the idea of wedded bliss for myself, having never believed in the sanctity of matrimony… although I do acknowledge the practicality that it offers. The idea of cohabiting has always been enough for me, and apart from signing all the necessary legal documents, everything else is just a very expensive show. It’s not a very popular or endearing opinion to hold, especially when I get lazy (and annoyed at people expecting a marriage out of me) and just state outright that I don’t believe in marriage without following up with an elaboration. But you know, as long as people are happy in sharing their joy, I’m happy.

I later spent the evening exploring Yong Siak street with Mum. It was a cool and a very hipster place, if the proliferation of cafes was anything to judge it by. We liked it. Mum helped me to take some outfit shots, despite her doubts on my choice of background. “Trust me,” I said.

imageI just loved the random row of potted plants populating this alley.


imageI do so love the flare of this dress despite its propensity to flare up at the slightest breeze. I tell myself it’s okay as long as I wear nice underwear.


Yong Siak Street is also home to a beautifully-decorated Plain Vanilla Bakery. I had visited the other branch in Holland Village before, but that had nothing on the ambiance of the one at Yong Siak. Have I mentioned that I love their cupcakes? They make yummy cupcakes:

imageCupcakes on this plate: Salted Caramel, Earl Grey Lavender, and Cinnamon Brown Sugar. Mum and I weren’t fans of the Cinnamon Brown Sugar because it was too sweet for our tastes, but the other two were exquisite.


It’s been a while since I wrote a post that consists of photos taken entirely on my phone. We’ve come a long way since the pager.


Dress from Forever 21
Opal necklace from Simply Willow
Clutch from Nica
Maryjane heels from Mixit
Glasses from Gap

Outfit photos assisted by Mum.


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