Of Autumn





Sometimes I find myself coming back to the question of what difference it would make if I could feel as strongly as certain people I’ve seen. It’s an enviable thing; to express and receive emotions so potently, to embrace others that freely. I remember reading my kindergarten report card once– the teacher spoke of her concerns over my lack of participation in play with the other kids, preferring instead to observe by the side. Interacting with my unpredictable peers overwhelmed me, I recall. And I continue, at times, to simultaneously avoid yet yearn for those few instances in which I can only receive and will never be able to create.

Also, I’ve been busy ogling at the snow here at my vacation in the midwest! But here are some more backlogs from the last time I was here when the seasons were still changing. Hiiii everyone, I’ll try to not be as tardy as I usually am these days…


Uniqlo long-sleeved top
Alfred Dunner knit open cardigan
Paper Sparrow narwhal necklace
Forever21 purple shorts, fair isle tights
Urban Outfitters yellow lace-ups


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