Nominated and Published

Not necessarily referring to the same thing. :P

Anyway, these two things happened a while back while I was caught up in L.A. stuff (as usual), but hey, better late than never.

The first was that I got nominated for Best Animation at this year’s Singapore Short Film Awards. Awesome! Here be screencaps to prove authenticity, and also because this is the equivalent of cutting out newspaper clippings on the internetz:

It turns out that I didn’t win, but I think Haha and Hehe deserved Best Animation. Still, it was a real honour to be nominated! :DDD

The only thing that was disappointing was that the thank you speech I wrote for Hehe to say as a proxy didn’t get to be uttered. I thought it was a pretty funny speech (Hehe also thought so), so that’s a waste. :P

Oh and my poster got displayed at the first ever Mise En SIN exhibition!

This blog post from someone who visited the exhibition sheds light onto it, as well as features my poster (wah!). So badly wanted to attend, but sixteen hours is a tad long of a journey. :(

Apparently you can also vote for all 100 posters over at Flickr. Am not sure when voting ends though. Mine is here. Was so touched that people voted for mine! Thank you thank you thank you. Can you tell that I voted for myself as well? XDD

Moving on!

I got published again! Not only that, I was one of the ten finalists for Streets & People‘s first competition! I think the pictures say enough:

I see someone familiar! Hello Elaine!

Outfit was from this post if anyone’s curious.

Was so stoked that I got a digital camera. Had been lacking something to take videos with, since both my iPhone and dSLR happen to be one generation older than models which came with those nifty fps abilities.

And guess what, that camera came out in February. I was cursing in disbelief because OMG SRS?!?!?1 <3

And it’s red. <3<3<3

Okay anyway it’ been a long time coming, but the first real L.A. post is next. When ‘next’ is, is another matter altogether, since I’ve been spending quality time outdoors eating awesome food and quality time indoors vegetating my brain to mush. ^^;


  • shasha


    Ah, I didn't submit my poster to the Mise EN Sin one. I might tell you privately next time.

    AND It's been ages since we've talked! Skype soon? TT^TT

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