New York: Times Square

Times Square was virtually a magical place for both Jesca and I. The place was lit-up so bright at night, we were sometimes tricked into thinking it was daylight!

Here are some of Times Square and of some pretty places around it.

That was a live feed displayed above Forever21.

Naked Cowboy!!!

Horses, horses everywhereeee <3

The sheer number of taxis in New York filled our Los Angeles-jaded hearts with joy.

We had lunch at Shake Shack once:

Our pagers for when we collect our food!

There was a wedding photoshoot on my way to a library!

Said library:

Lego-like lions guarding the exit of the library, in case you decide to steal books. :P

More random street.

I was extremely excited to find the post office and its ‘motto’! Terry Pratchett did a parody of it in the Discworld, which goes, with words missing, like this: Neither rain nor snow nor gl om of ni t can stay these mes engers abo t their duty.

Jesca and I had to catch the last installment of Harry Potter the week it opened. XD

More Times Square awesomeness. We saw a lot of these people in the plaza advertising for their respective broadway plays.

Yay! Unfortunately, White Castle turned out to be a disappointment…

Couldn’t resist. XDD

Comic con in a few more hours~~


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