New York: Little Italy

Jesca, Dev, and I decided to check out the Chinatown in New York. Having had disappointment crushed upon our eager faces by Los Angeles’ Chinatown, we learnt to set our expectations a little lower this time… turns out we didn’t have to, because not only was New York’s Chinatown a busy mish-mash of tourist traps and hawkers speaking dialects, it was right next to Little Italy. We basically got two sightseeing spots for the trip of one!

(There you go, a little bit of kiasu Singaporean heritage, dispensed by yours truly.)

It was amusing the incongruity of these different styles of architecture, squeezed so tightly against each other.

I didn’t take much pictures of Chinatown, but Little Italy proved much more interesting, owing to its novelty:

Even the building was painted in the colours of the Italian flag!

An island blocked off in the middle of a very busy street. We obviously could not resist. XDD

A shot in the dark as we crossed a bridge that was built right next to the subway. We could physically feel the vibration whenever the trains ran past!

What a glorious, glorious find. After being subjected to the atrocity of what Los Angeles terms ‘Boba tea‘ for six months, finding a shop that sold Bubble tea, with the right taste, was heaven-sent.

The rest of the night was spent strolling down the famous Brooklyn Bridge, and taking lots of pictures.

The ride home.

And finally, hipsters gonna hate. :P


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