New York: Eyebeam

This is the last of my New York documentation, though I may in the future post some pictures that Jesca took; as of right now, I’m unable to open her raw files, so. :P

Jeff, our boss, had also recommended places for us to visit while in New York. One of those was the Eyebeam, a hidden museum of interactive art installations tucked away in the big apple. We had planned to hit at least one of the items on his list, and managed to find the time during one of our last days there to do so.

But first, we encountered some brightly-painted walls en route:

I adore me some children’s drawings.

Jesca spotted the Singapore flag somewhere~

We reached Eyebeam, which was having the Bio-Rhythm exhibit:

We lay on the bed and listened to music in surround sound. XD

Jesca moving her body to manipulate the sound.

Some more exhibits that involved peeping, peering, and immersing.

Of course we had to take evidence of us being there. XD

We spent our last day rolling our luggage through some of the nicer, quaint parts of New York, through the stylishly littered streets of SoHo, and trains:

Jesca is a huge fan of the red velvet. To be frank, I’d never known that cupcakes had flavours, let alone the notorious that was the red velvet cake, until I became her roommate. XD

AND LOOK WHAT I FOUND. My favourite news people.

Somewhere in SoHo, outside the kidrobot store.

Arguably my favourite subway art.

And then we headed home.

Unfortunately, our  connecting flight back to Los Angeles was delayed like crazy; we had to camp overnight in the airport, and we probably looked so cold and miserable that the staff came over in the middle of the night to hand us complimentary pillows and shiny blankets. That’s Jesca wrapped up in a thin cocoon of deceiving warmth in the background.

But the next morning was alright I think, and we got to have philly cheese steak in Philadelphia! … If the airport counts. XD


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