New York: Broadway

There’s no fully experiencing New York without going to a Broadway show, and that’s what Jesca and I did… twice.

// Forever21 dress. tights, bag
// Wonder Rocket boots from Tokyo
// Paper Sparrow narwhal necklace

First, a trip to the High Line, an elevated park through the iconic buildings of Manhattan. It used to be a freight rail line! Sounds like a particular historic building we know in downtown Los Angeles… (Chiparaki, one of the places I intern at). Anyway, the High Line was recommended by Nano, who gave us quite a bit of places we could visit. Thanks Nano!

One of the first things that Jesca and I did after touchdown in New York and settling in our lodgings, was to head over to Times Square to catch the musical, Catch Me If You Can. We were so tired after our red-eye that it was a fight between the brilliant performance and set displays, versus leaden eyelids. Note to self- do not attempt to watch a broadway show after flying across the continent. Still, we ended the day patting ourselves on the backs for managing to stay awake throughout, which proves how awesome it was to have won the battle over the zee monster:

The seats we got were a dream. We were right smack in the center and could see all the performers’ faces!

The second broadway musical that we caught was The Addams Family. We got cheap student tickets at the ticketing counter, but this meant that we were seated at the mezzanine- basically getting a sucky view from the top level where you could only see the actors’ body shape. Still, the multiple transformations of the main set piece was genius, and the comedy was good old ol’ school Addams Family. <3

Also, nothing says New York like a slice of $2.75 New York pizza to stave away after-show hunger. This may be the New York version of our Singaporean prata!


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