New York: Blue Mountain Gallery

One of our stops was Blue Mountain Gallery, where JoanK, my oil painting tutor was having a show:

A lot of goodies, plus stuff that Joan’s mum baked! SUPER NOMZ. ♥

I’ve always had a fascination with fortune cookies. =3

And some photos from the area:

She was carrying the most adorable puppy in her arms, and I had to stop her for a few pictures.

And a typical subway scene.



    • ✿ren

      Not with my camera! Jesca took photos of the both of us though, butI can’t seem to open her raw files. :(
      Also, one of Joan’s friends was a photographer at the event, and she took a liking to me… ^^;
      Btw! Joan introduced us to the entire gallery as coming all the way from Singapore!

    • ✿ren

      I have a special spot for dogs with those kinds of eyes. <3 Thanks! It was a very nice coincidence that she was exhibiting in NY just as I was visiting. XD

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