New York: Beginning

Almost exactly one year ago, Jesca and I spent a week at the big apple. It was a lovely time, and New York is one of my top five favourite cities. Jesca procured our lodgings at New York Bed & Breakfast, which, despite its name, was located in Newark. It was such a quaint place, and I fell helplessly in love with the living room.

George, the owner, met us, and gave me a good startling when he said he recognised me from somewhere. Something to do with fashion. What were the odds? I admit I was too surprised to respond in a socially-approved manner, but that was pretty awesome. XD

Our train station to town.

I ENVY HIS HANDWRITING LIKE WHOA. Also, Dev was a Singaporean whom we’d met on the cliffs of Yosemite, and decided on a spur to visit NY when we were here. He wasn’t anyone’s boyfriend, though it was kinda amusing to wonder if George wondered what was happening between the three of us. XD

One of our first stops was to the top of the Empire State building:

Also to the Top of the Rock, for the darkened skies version of New York:

Shout out to Jesca, who was sure that I’d be procrastinating beyond redemption. I’m done first for once!


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