Native Foods Cafe

I’ve been busy lately, and had a bit of a disagreement with my bike (lots of micro gory pictures!) and stuff… Sigh.

Spoke with Zen last night, after she’d gone back to China last Thursday. Am missing her lots! We’d go for dinner after work when I reported to the office. :(

✿ camisole: uniqlo
✿ chiffon top, shorts, necklace: forever21
✿ tights: urban outfitters
✿  flats: shop in argentina
✿  jacket: so so happy via hot topic

Zen had wanted to try this new place that had just opened near campus, and so we headed there. But not before documenting our awesome hoodies:

So it turned out the place Zen wanted to go there was Native Foods Cafe. There was an exceptionally long queue outside the place though, which confused us. Turns out that this was a promo day before the official opening a week later, and Native Foods was offering a free course meal for everyone who had RSVPed for it. Luckily, there was space in the list, and Zen and I got to eat a sumptuous feast for free. XD

This was the best dessert EVER. (Carrot cheesecake cupcake, if I remember correctly).

Zen and I shared our food, and we couldn’t finish them all in one sitting, even. And this was less one dish that they’d forgotten to give us!

Zen and I dined there a few more times after, and we never fail to order the Fried Chicken Wings ever since– This absolutely scrumptious appetiser dish had us so confused because we’d thought Native Foods was a vegan place.

Native Foods is vegan.

(Apparently the chicken-simulated sticks were made of soy and yummy, yummy magic.)

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