National Day 2010

Posting this before it turns stale XDDD


Or watch it here.

Seems like yesterday’s KTV wasn’t enough :P


  • wulan,lemonzest

    glad to see u here ren..
    i miss u then..
    finally we meet again..
    u have a great new blog here..
    and hey, your voice is good, you have to sing longer song, want to hear it..

    hope we’ll keep contact by visiting our blog eachother :D

  • ai

    Wah, our ren is patriotic! Since when? XD
    Then again, this birthday song can be used for anyone’s birthday since you didn’t insert a name. Hehe.

    As usual, your voice is awesome!!! <3

    • ai

      Eee, saw news instead of actual parade?? Hahaha.
      (I didn’t watch either.)

      Oh, but I only saw that portion of the parade and saw a couple of film ppl (Kala and Kex) singing! Awesomeness.

    • ✿ren

      EH?!?!?! They were on live TV too?!?!
      And yea I’ve been to the live one before, sooner or later they all start to mesh together… ^^;
      Btw my rapper cousin was performing at marina bay! Prob gg to look it up on youtube XDD

  • maggie

    oh my gosh you’re the cutest thing! I love the details on your top and that cardi is so sweet :) also, I really really want a necklace like that! How cute!!

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