Nara: Yoshikien & Isuien

This is a continuation of the previous post where Senpai and I visit Yoshikien and Isuien, two gardens in Nara Park:

Along the way…

Yoshikien is free for foreign tourists! We had to present our passport to the old man at the counter and Senpai filled up a survey at his request. He was pretty funny.

Okay expect a lot of green now:

Notice how the glass looks uneven? That’s because it’s handmade.

Senpai said that this was the grave of a bird.

Carpet grassssssssssss~~!!! If dandelions were green and laid on the ground, this would be it.

And then we went to Isuien:

Oh and Senpai helped me to take photos of my outfit. I was actually having too much fun bouncing up and down the pebbled walkways XD

✿ salmon shirt: from Tintin
✿ black elestic suspenders: far east
✿ grey flare shorts: online
✿ dark grey sneakers: rubi
✿ grey ribbon hairclip: gift (Bangkok)

If only it were autumn…

Nice roof!

As always, I tend to shoot the entrance last XDD

Seriously though, if you look at the photos on Yoshikien and Isuien in travel guides, you’ll know that the right season to go is in autumn, and not summer like we did. ^^;

This underground walkway is a spider web trap.

And btw, lots of trishaws pulled by fit young men in Nara Park, in case anyone is interested. XDDDDDDDDD

Next, the shopping district!


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