My FB is a Black Hole

Because I never bother to un-tag myself. That, and because what some might call ugly photos, I call pure gems. Here have a laugh at my expense for being away for so long:

Okay this is not me making a funny face, but since Ade so rarely does it when we take photos, I had to put this awesome role reversal moment up here. :P

Okay maybe I should try to redeem myself a bit:

I take that back. :P

It’s probably a gauge of how much I miss my fun people when I check FB a lot more than I usually do back home (still not as obsessively as most, but still). Not that I’m spending everyday crying into my pillow or nonsense like that, but the good times I’m experiencing right now? Would be awesome times if they were here. Just saying. :)

I swear I’ll get around to posting stuff from my monster of a backlogged photo folder soon! Time flies by so fast in here, it was a shock when I realised just how long ago I stopped being active online. By idiomatic calculations, this means that I’m having fun. But not as much fun than if certain people were with me! :P


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