Monstrous Scrawlings

I don’t seem to have a stable center of gravity…

Tintin and his Lego earring. This Lego piece used to be part of a crocodile, but the tail got lost so his roommate gave it to him to do as he liked. :D

Here’s a 3.4 mb gif pixelation. Should I save them as a video file and upload onto Youtube, or are gifs fine the way it is? There are pros and cons, of course, and I’m fine with either. Thoughts?

✿ White monster tee: Punk Star
✿ Red hearts skirt: Zara (on sale!)
✿ Black scrawlings leggings: Vivienne Westwood (Japan)
✿ Black mary janes: Mad About Shoes
✿ White rabbit ring: Malaysia
✿ Camera ring: gift from Ruru from Bangkok

I met up with Eve and Leaves for breakfast at Epicurious. Breakfast meals full of eggs!

I heart mermaids. <3


Me (and the plate that I want so much to bring home) and Eve.

Drinks at some Hong Kong Cafe in Raffles City.

And then I loitered a bit around Haji Lane alone while waiting to meet up with Tintin and ShiC:

I’ve always wanted to take a pic of the pottery building. It just so happened that there was a homeless old man sitting on a cardboard box on the right of this picture. I walked past him and he gave me a huge thumbs up regarding my leggings. After I took this picture, I went back to talk to him. He was using liquid correction tape to erase writings on paper so that he could write on them again. It was very interesting, though I had to fend off questions on where I lived. XDD

Was too paiseh to ask him for a picture… but perhaps next time. OTL

And then Tintin, ShiC and I headed down to Little India:

And much later on, To Yif’s condo for an animators’ BBQ:

Picture taken by Tintin on his Diana F+.

It was an interesting day. :)


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