Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2012

I went to my very first Renaissance Festival at Minnesota. It was a huge affair– they even had their own grounds far away from traffic and the likes– frankly, I was quite excited to be experiencing the event given how I’d heard about these sorts of things last year. Without further ado, pictures:

I was so excited to see the Mermaid Cove! However, the queue was too long when I got around to it, so I didn’t get a chance to. :(

Suspicious-looking fox behind two cute girls in costumes.

There were magnificent beasts at the jousting area. I loved how their manes were braided to mimic their handlers.

The only elaborately-dressed person in the area…

I got to touch these chillax reptiles– This beautiful snake shines purple under the light, and was surprising smooth to the touch. I still can’t get over just how much of a contrast my perception of how a snake’s skin should feel like, versus actually geting to touch it.

He saw me trying to take a photo of the viking ship and immediately struck a daring pose.

Pretty trinkets at one of the many shops selling knick-knacks; they were expensive though.

A Hops flower that’s used to make beer.

I loved her outfit~!

Getting trolled. He had awesome troll feet, though they aren’t shown in this picture. ^^;

This was the prettiest fairy I found at the Renn Fest.

My favourite photo. The entire family was decked in matching themed outfits. Also, such a pretty doggie~

I went to a beer-tasting, and this bulldog totally stole the show. People in our area were so enamored by it and its cutie-pie wings!

Garlands and Gardens was tucked away in the corner and had really pretty floral head wreaths. I bought two, because I couldn’t decide. It was not only the prettiest, but also the cheapest place for garlands in the festival; to top it off, these were made by ladies at a craft group, and I think the proceedings go into a charity. The lady helping me with my choices was incredibly friendly! I wanted something reddish– after exhausting the ones on display, she went into the back to get more unfinished ones out to show me. Eventually, I decided on one of those, and she got to work fitting it onto my head and then bending the ends to form an enclosure. I even got to help in choosing what coloured ribbons it came with! This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had there. <3

A stamp to say goodbye.

My pseudo renaissance-themed outfit. Oh who am I kidding? I just wanted to wear this dress again. XDD


Urban Outfitters striped dress
Forever21 red hat & turquoise floral hairclip
Top Shoes brown boots
The Little Fox ‘the runaways’ necklace


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