Mid-Autumn Festival 2010

Also colloquially known as the Mooncake Festival[月餅節], because we eat mooncakes:

Or the Lantern Festival[燈籠節], because we play with lanterns:

The mooncakes were super duper delicious! No one in the house dared to eat them though, because a box like this costs $50. All the better for me I say! And even then I ate each mooncake really slowly to extend the savouring time. XD

They were a gift from one of our relatives in repayment for Ti giving our cousin a couple of hours of tuition.

I am so lucky to have a brother who’s smart. :DDD


    • ✿ren

      Thank you Mary! The mooncakes that I usually eat are big and brown and filled with a sort of sweet paste. There are different kinds of fillings. My favourite are those with egg and almonds in them. And then there are the snow-skin mooncakes (what I ate in the picture), which have to be refrigerated because of the outer layer. They taste sweeter too. :D

  • Maddy

    Beautiful lanterns! I especially like the fishy one.
    What do your moon cakes taste like? In the US ours are chocolate flavored and filled with marshmellow fluff and came in the kids meal at Krystal’s (a fast food restaurant).

    • ✿ren

      Thank you! The fish lantern was mine (although I did hijack the dragon one at times). XDD
      Wow marshmallow fluff?! I’ve never heard of that before! There are various flavours of mooncake, chocolate paste being one of them. The ones shown in the picture are really sweet and the round ball in the center is white chocolate and wine. Yumz :D

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