Meow Meow Meow

12 more backlogged outfits to blog about before I’ve caught up to the present timeline! Until then I’m trying to resist adding to the queue :P

伊藤先生 commented on how colourful I was while I was chatting with Aidan in the hallway outside our Japanese classrooms. It didn’t really occur to me just how until I saw my outfit photos against the beautiful powder blue walls near a train station which I’ve been wanting to take against for a while now. Whew, nearly lost my breath trying to read that last sentence out aloud XDD

✿ pink hearts top: jjs
✿ yellow cardigan: bugis village
✿ turquoise printed dress/skirt: far east
✿ white sneakers: b.u.m. equipment
✿ black lace necklace: Japan


I think I’d be writing a non-outfit post tomorrow. Have been putting off writing them because I’m afraid that the different time lines will screw with people’s heads like it does mine- my outfits are still in the month of February, and the non-outfit stuff is pretty recent. But some things are just too juicy to put off :D


  • ai

    the cat is just like my blackie! And i love your colour combi! You can totally be a palette for painting projects… Haha. I miss your long posts though ):

    btw, it’s aidan with an a, i think ;)

    • ✿ren

      Lololol arigatou! I have one super picture-intensive tomorrow! I think its 25 photos! siao siao liao XDD
      And is it?!?!! I actually had half a mind to nickname him Aizen… XDD

    • ai

      how to reply to your reply? Hmmm. And haha, it’s almost the end of ‘tomorrow’ so where’s the picture-intensive post? XDD looking forward to it (:

      and yeah, i think so? And the name may sound similar to aizen, but wah, character-wise, very different :DDD what abt me? Got anime character nick to give me? :DDDD

    • ✿ren

      Dunno? I think I only set it to nest into 2, that’s why :P
      Anyway I meant tomorrow as in 9th june ley, miss ai!
      Huh you all are the ones who always come up with nicknames, I think ai and shasha are manga enough! XD (unless you want to be yazawa ai…)

    • ai

      oh chey, sorry ms ren :p
      and i want an anime/manga character one~ hahaha.
      Kk, i shall stop spamming your comments. Ta!

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