Melting Time

A brief ‘Hi!’ from the semi-long absence. Some of you may know what I’ve been up to– you know who you are, my dear lovelies. *cue creepy chuckle*

Let’s just say that I’m not as crazy as I was five years ago when I spent ages hand-drawing every picture– a different one for each person. ^^;

Anyway, outfit combo time! It’s a combo because I’ve got an exciting post about another convention next and I can’t wait. :D

✿ Grey tube top: Mugigae
✿ V-neck watercolour top: AE
✿ Suspenders: Far East Plaza
✿ Grey flare shorts: online
✿ Floral boots: Wonder Rocket (Japan)
✿ White & Red floral hairclips: Neu Look

And the second one was on a Saturday, my last day of baito for 2010:

✿ Pink top: Cotton On
✿ Navy lace cardigan: Mouth Valley (Japan)
✿ Beige lace skirt: Bowl O’ Rama (Japan)
✿ Peppermint leggings (70 denier): 3Dots (Sarawak)
✿ Brown mary janes: gift (Trendyzone)
✿ Pink floral hair clip: Neu Look

On a totally unrelated note, preparing for entry into the U.S. is so tediously convoluted that I’m pretty sure that they’re trying to scare me away from attempting to enter at all. No I’m not going there to be a prostitute. I’m also not going to be a terrorist. Is it even of any use to ask such questions?? *sigh*

Also, I’m currently at a website which is compulsory for me to interact with before I depart for the U.S., some pre-departure orientation thing. There is only one thing wrong with it– I read thrice as fast as the friendly voice that narrates each section (believe me, I’ve gone through enough sections to time it for myself). However, the back button only appears after the voice stops reading the selected section.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but: TIME IS MONEY, PEOPLE. *headdesks*

Have been terribly behind blog posts and replying emails to my favourite human beings. I hope you guys wait a little more because I forgot some people for Christmas and need to make more cards. Now you know what I’ve been up to. Hahaha!

Or rather, ‘Hohoho!’ XDDDD


  • Mary

    I’ve heard stories of all the hoops they make you jump through to get into the U.S. Apparently, it used to be much easier before 9/11. Now everything takes much longer. I hope you don’t have any trouble getting your visa!

    Your outfits are so cute and also making me long for warmer climates. It’s freezing here and supposed to snow Sat., Sun. and Mon. Gah!

    • ✿ren

      Haha I don’t know the procedures before 9/11 either, but I really hope they don’t ask those sort of questions during the upcoming visa interview. It’d be pretty hard to keep a straight face and then all the preparation would be for naught. ^^;

      Thank you! Snow is pretty hard to come by here, so I can only pine longingly for it without having to consider how annoying it can be. :P

  • ✿ren

    Thank you! Those boots were made in China though. I really should locate factories over there so that I don’t have to go through middlemen all over the world. Hahaha!

    If all goes according to plan, I should be living in Los Angeles for six months! XDD

  • Jalyn

    hello! may i know which shop in far east plaza did you buy your suspenders from! how much and are they still selling?

    • ✿ren

      Hey Jalyn! Wow it’s been quite a few years since I’ve got those suspenders from FEP. Not sure which store exactly, but I remember it was one of those shops on level two or three. I’m not even sure if the store is still there, what with the turnover rates at that place. But when I was there, the suspenders were hanging pretty conspicuously near the storefront, so I shouldn’t think it’d be a problem to find? :)

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