Mall of America, Pirates, & Singapore

I went to the Mall of America last autumn, the first stop after depositing my luggage, in fact. Yay consumerism! It’s probably the largest mall I’ve ever set foot in– I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Vivocity took some pointers in the way the mall layout loops unsuspecting patronisors infinitely. Back to the MOA, they also have a mini Legoland! It was so pretty. I didn’t manage to successfully capture the awesome larger-than-life figurines atop the place, but here are two:

I also got to meet Aang! … who was oddly affectionate. XD

Milling around the labyrinth in MOA got a bit too much, so the next stop was to the Science Museum of Minnesota:

There was a special Pirates exhibition when I went, with real pirate treasure! I was fascinated by the box of pieces of eight. Apparently it’s the only legit box of pirate treasure found.

The last stop, because I was amused by the irony, was to have dinner at Singapore! in Minnesota:

Prata! (Or a close version of it.)

They were really accommodating after I made so many off-the-menu requests, and though none of them turned out like the real thing back home, the lady who served us did mention how difficult it was getting the exact ingredients all the way to the midwest, the food was still pretty great.

I really, really, really miss Singapore food. T^T

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