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One of the warm welcomes I got when I came over to Los Angeles was through an amazing package from Misikko, which specialises in flat irons, hair dryers, and hair products. John, the shop owner, had previously contacted me about sending me stuff to review back in November, but I was in Singapore and they only ship within the US and Canada, so things didn’t work out.

And then I got relocated to L.A. this year. :D

The Package

The mailed package was seriously awesome. Every layer unveiled a new surprise! It was jam-packed with goodies. I had to contain my squee-ing whenever I cleared each layer for fear of annoying my housemates. XDD

A dotted ribbon and a white rose greeted my eyes when I opened the package.

Of course I couldn’t help but juxtapose my white rose against the bunch of wilting daisies my housemate got. XDD

The second layer unveiled the metal box containing the flat iron and various cloth bags containing mysterious things.

More roses! ♥♥♥

I was so surprised to see a pink flat iron! Obviously I didn’t read the description on the box cover. But anyway, those who know me know that I can’t tolerate pink in large doses– but I thought that this was very practical because I have black hair, and I’d be able to see what is going on compared to if I had a standard black iron. And maybe it’s the bias talking, but the pink version looks way better than its black counterpart. XDD

Everything in the package! It was very amusing to find other stuff stashed in the box, such as mascara, dental brushes and hand sanitiser, among others. I also got a bottle of hair serum to protect my hair before using the flat iron on it. It smells really good! I have nice-smelling hair all day whenever I use the flat iron now. :D

Am squirreling this final layer of amazing goodness for instances when I need to de-stress. :D

Hair Stages

Please pardon the sideways eyeballs in this series. This amateur obviously doesn’t know where to look during photo-taking. OTL

This is my hair in it’s natural state.

And of course laughing silently after straightening my hair with the flat iron, because it doesn’t make much of a difference. I tried to use it to uncurl the stubborn ends at my shoulder though. :D

My first pass at hair-curling– missed out some portions, and was too wuss to try curling at a higher heat.

This was on the second pass. Got a bit enthusiastic on the right side, which accounts for the wayward strand sticking out of my head, but at least I could say that my hair was curled.

The inside of the iron has an on-off switch and a dial that goes as low as 140. I used the 200’s to straighten my hair and 300-400’s to curl it. I also used Youtube for hair-curling tutorials, in case anyone was curious. :P

Random pose to re-enact how I used it, because I’m just that moronic excited to show off my new pink flat iron.

You can see the cute owl print on my top in here. I got it for less than USD$5 at an FXXI sale in Culver City. :D

What I wore before going out.

The Going Out For Reals Outfit

I went to the art supplies shops nearby, because it has my favourite things. Gone are the days when I can spend my weekends this leisurely. *sigh*:

✿ White singlet: Uniqlo (Singapore)
✿ Grey owl v-neck: FXXI (USA)
✿ Turquoise cardigan: Far East (Singapore)
✿ Grey dotted skirt: online
✿ Grey knee high socks: Cotton On (Singapore)
✿ Yellow sling bag: Lucky Brand Jeans via Ross (USA)
✿ Brown boots: Top Shoes (USA)

And lastly:

Because some of my nonsense is bound to leak when I’m taking that many photos of myself.

Btw, I hope people caught the pun in ‘warm welcome’. Haha! But seriously, does anyone else use the hair dryer to warm up other parts of the body when it gets too cold? Dom looked at me like I was a freak when I mentioned how it didn’t have to be just for the hair. What I’d do is to aim the hair dryer into my clothes, or at my extremities so that I’ll be warm and snuggly and prepared to face the morning. :D

What I was trying to get to is that feeling warm hair fall across my forehead and neck is a great way to start off the the day.

P.S. Go take a look at Misikko’s impressive selection of Ceramic Flat Irons and Blow Dryers if you haven’t already! I can sincerely say that the flat iron I got is really awesome, in addition to the fantastic package.

Thank you so much for this wonderful welcome, Misikko! ♥


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