Los Angeles: Universal Studios part uno

If anyone has been keeping track of the internship report that I share with Dom, you’d probably have read about this trip a long time ago. Well there’s lots more photos here, including the censored second picture in this post. :P

We went to Universal Studios on the day of the Oscars. Bad move, that, because we were more than an hour late in meeting Eugene and Zhengya due to the dubious public transport being even more shitty.

Thank you very much for disrupting our bus service to Universal Studios, Oscars. This picture got cut out of the internship report at the last minute. XDD

Alsatian! Seems that most people call this dog a German Shepherd, which made me go into a, “if this is a German Shepherd, then what is an Alsatian!?!?” existential crisis. Thank goodness for Wiki. TL;DR, Alsatian = German Shepherd. ^^;

Ella Fitzgerald— that woman’s a freaking legend.

People plastering themselves against the Oscar Fence.

Obligatory Universal Studios tourist shot.

Was trying to balance my camera somewhere, and this very kind popcorn seller offered to help us take a photo. Popcorn seller, you are awesome!!!

HAHAHA Zhengya being engulfed by one of the Madagascar penguins!

Something more proper.

I used to be pretty disgusted with Spongebob Squarepants. Somewhere along the way I seem to have crossed that thin line. ^^;

I have no idea if this UncannyValley!donkey from Shrek was robotic or if there was a man inside that suit…

Okay that Homer in the background is a little disturbing… XDD

Marge spotted this cool dude!

The following pictures were taken at the Universal Studios Studio Tour, which was awesome:

Really can’t seem to escape Mr. Potato Head even out of the office. XDD

Amazing set.


Billboard! Okay I really should stop writing useless accompanying text.

Don’t watch much of Desperate housewives, but their houses are beautiful. And it looks like this house set was in the middle of a shoot?

Amazing plane wreck!

Apollo 13! I have fond memories regarding that movie at a late night cinema screening, durians, a small white Renault, and farting competition among Mum, Ti and me. :DDD




That’s it for now. :D

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  • shasha

    Go to the SG one with me and Ru when you come back, since the new rides are up! WOOOOTS! <3

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