Los Angeles: Santa Monica & Venice Beach

I live pretty close to the famed beaches of L.A.– though not so near that I was panicking as much as my family was during the tsunami earlier this year…

But anyway, anyone who knows me probably also knows that I’m not a beach person. Most of my wariness comes from an incident about eight years ago when I went to Sentosa for a primary school class gathering and ended up a very painful shade of lobster (YDI for not knowing what sunblock was). But I suppose part of it was due to the fact that I had the privilege of going to neighbouring Singapore islands on my uncle’s boat almost every weekend when I was little. That kinda takes away the novelty of the sand and the sea.

However, it turns out that the definition of a beach is vastly different in Los Angeles than in Singapore. It’s all about the people, I think. This post is dedicated to the two awesome beaches I’ve had the pleasure of strolling along. Pictures are all taken before 10th March, which explains why things were livelier compared to now:

Santa Monica Beach

En route to Santa Monica Beach. Third Street Promenade is right next to it btw, which is super cool.

Click to enlarge!

L.A. parking lots are scary.

Walking down to Santa Monica Pier.

This pidgeon only has one foot!


Obligatory photo against the sea. I forgot who helped me take this.

Lunch at Macdonalds.


Venice Beach

Venice Beach is seriously one of the most awesome places to be in– the atmosphere was so vibrant and people were having so much fun… I really got the sense that people in L.A. knew how to enjoy themselves when I visited this place.

A performer with snakes.

Awesome skating terrain.

People rollerblading-dancing.

Starry starry wall. :P

Apparently all you have to do is bring your drum and you can join in the beat!

Eugene (one of the interns at USC) laughed like crazy when my shoes got soaked. ^^;

Was very amused by this flock of seemingly stupid birds. Every time the water came in to shore and wet their feet, they’d escape by flying further up… along the x-axis. BIRDIES, I DON’T THINK IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Lol.

That’s it for today! :D

Arghhh I really need to buck up on the long overdue posts… Haven’t been really active online, what with all the photo-organising and shizz, but I am thinking of you, my dear peoples of the internetz. I am thinking of you and feeling guilty for the neglect. OTL


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