Los Angeles: Pacific Aquarium

I’m skipping over to a more recent trip, at the end of April, when we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific at Long Beach. It just so happened to coincide with a childrens’ festival then, so there were lots of families and kids:

Like so.

We realised too late that you get a discount when you buy the ticket online or at Ralphs…

There were all sorts of cultural performances by children throughout the day.

It was also then that I remembered that my favourite sea creatures are sea horses and jellyfish (I have short term memory like that, and need to be jolted back sometimes by being in the presence of Things I Like). =3

Two fingers to touch the stingray or any other fishes in the pool because more than that would hurt them.

The sea lions were so cute! They also put up a performance.

I have a soft spot for this ugly creature because of The Little Mermaid.

Have I mentioned just how much I love jellyfish? Heck there was a period when I went through a jellyfish phase for my FYP. I could stand in front of those tanks for a long long time.

BAMF. That’s my reflection in front of it. THE THING IS HUGE!

Jesca being all cool!

Me being all dork!

Oh and outfit breakdown:

✿ Grey camisole: Uniqlo (Singapore)
✿ Blue knit cardigan: F21 (USA)
✿ Black skirt: Cotton On (USA)
✿ Grey boots: Top Shoes (USA)
✿ Matroska necklace: F21 (USA)
✿ Yellow sling bag: Lucky Brand Jeans (via Ross, USA)

Back to the fishes.

We went strolling out to the pier:

This busker had a great voice, and I loved one of the classics that he covered (good times!). Unfortunately I’ve STM and have promptly forgotten what song he sang. :(

HAHAHA I don’t even. XDD

I’ve a better picture, but the guy who was ducking his head just for me makes me have some emotional attachment to this instead.

This was really funny because the blue train line was disrupted due to construction, so people were shuttled to the next train station. The guy in shades was supervising the shuttle buses picking us up, and this bus in the queue somehow didn’t move forward. Turns out the bus driver was asleep! It took a while to wake him up, but everyone was amused. Even the bus driver. So cute! XDD

Jesca then went for her Explosions in the Sky concert, so Dom and I decided to loiter around Little Tokyo a bit. Had gone past this sign a couple times in Union Station, but it wasn’t until Dom pointed it out to me that I realised that it was my initials. Recognition fail!

My favourite wall in Little Tokyo. Mameshiba!!!

Cool stuff.

And my cool boots + cool socks = cool shizz.

I seem to have this habit of drawing stuff that scare me. My FYP ideas consisted of fish and pregnancy. Next thing you know, I’ll be making a comic about ghosts.

Anddddd that’s it for now. :D


  • shasha

    GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!! <3333
    Yeap, can totally tell that you love jellyfishes XDDD

    I think what you wore is cool leh!!!
    And the boots!!!!!! I WANT!!! XDDD

    Oh dinosaurs FTW *thumbsup*

    • ✿ren

      LOL 3Q~~~!!! <333

      Hahaha The boots cannot wear in SG lor, people sure think siao charbo one... Even I think people wearing boots a bit too hot sia. :( HOWWWW.

      YEA DINOS FTW!!! <333

    • shasha

      <3 XD
      Wah if it's hot wearing the boots there, it'd be damn gross wearing it here :/ saddd

      Dino roarrr <3

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