Los Angeles: Kenneth Hahn State Park

Bernie, Des, and I went to the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area a while ago, during the heat of summer. It’s a big park, much larger and hillier than the Los Angeles State Historic Park that I was used to. Bernie, our resident tour guide, told us that photo-taking opportunities were not as amazing during the summer due to the haze. But still, it was quite an adventurous workout that we had– I was constantly taken aback at just how much further we had yet to walk to the other end. Pictures in the park were taken with Des’ camera, mostly by Des:

Downtown LA silhouetted from atop the park hill.


We took some time to appreciate the grassy area like crazed, sun-loving puppies.

There were a lot of families celebrating some form of occasion (mostly kids birthdays, if the wide array of colourful piñatas were to judge by) in one section of the park we walked through.

Des and I spent some time recuperating under the shade while admiring ducks at a pond.

There was an amazing water lily pond in a Japanese-themed area. There were even koi!

This was me being a cat and squeezing through a space as wide as my hand as we scouted for alternative exits of the park. There was only one exit to the park as it stood, and it was a ways away from where we were. Unfortunately, the way out from here was too dangerous a slope, and Bernie couldn’t squeeze through the space anyway.

We found another way out! It was still a little dangerous though, because if the person holding the pole should slip… Also, Bernie’s face!!!

We found a discarded shopping cart walking down the residential area back to civilisation, and I was so pooped from the excursion that I suggested sitting in it for the rest of the way down. And so we did! We got stopped by someone for a chat regarding filming on alternative vantage points (I was filming from the cart).

The resting place of our shopping cart when we hit the main road.

Des had the dubious honour of photographing me at the park. XD

Finally, I had some time earlier in the day to take some pictures of myself:

Derpy derp.

I got this blouse even though this was a size L, because those bows were calling out to me. Also, who could resist a polka dotted print that screams disco ball?

Forever21 polka dotted blouse & skirt
Top20 magenta tights
Paper Sparrow narwhal necklace
Urban Outfitters platform lace-ups
gifted sunglasses (from Shasha & Ruru!)
Lucky Brand crossbody tote

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