Los Angeles: Circo Caballero

The Los Angeles State Historic Park opposite Chiparaki rents its space out ocassionally. If anyone remembers the previous post, Chiparaki is one of our workplaces in downtown L.A. that comes with a crazy UCLA professor named Fab. Anyway, one of these events was Circo Caballero, a circus comprising entirely of the Caballero family. It was so surreal actually going into a striped tent! Have only ever seen those in movies and storybooks…

Fab was fab enough to get Jesca and I complimentary tickets, so we stopped over there first to grab them from him. And to take pictures (or attempt to, on my part) of his lovely children:

Say hello to Sur and Mapu.




The end. :P

Also, I put together existing elements from a project that IMlab had organised recently, into a billboard. That’s Jesca’s hand btw. Hand model future!

The end for reals. Happy Independence Day! Am off to see fireworks. :D


  • shasha

    CIRCUS!!! <3333
    I was really small the last time I went that I only remembered that there was a tiger OTL Fail.

    Fab is really fab! *thumbs up*
    And are his kids really named so? D:

    • ✿ren

      Yea! Their parents are really chill people when it comes to germs, which is a great thing when you don’t have to worry about getting dirty while playing. =3

  • Leslie Caballero

    Lol there kids names are Ruben and Marco Antonio btw 😂 im there cousin thats why i know!!!! And im glad you like the show 👍👍 You should come visit us soon!!!

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