Los Angeles: Anime Expo 2011

Sooooo, in early July, I went with Boss to the Anime Expo. It was far more epic than I had expected, easily five times the scale of that back home in Singapore– the convention was confined to not just one building. WAS SO AWED. Viva USA!

Some photos of the event, and typical stuff that Asians take photos of (i.e. food):

Shamis and his food.

Boss and his food.

The Cosplayers

Deadpool is awesome as usual!

These cubed couple were super cute! I’ve never played the game before, but I think they were from Minecraft?

The cookie monster and I have similar appetites when it comes to baked dough. Me gusta. Blurry photo courtesy of Boss, btw. :P

Proof of the goodness in Stormtroopers, when this guy kindly paused in queueing up for a shuttle bus to let us take photos. Also, DAT POSE. *dies*

Exhibition Hall & Artist Alley


Tangled. =3

Boss got this poster and hung it over his bed. It made a pretty cool feature.

She was EPIC.

Boss and some of his favourite game character (TF2)

Ahahaha I love this Stewie (Family Guy) cosplayer!

Just a step away from being Stewie’s stalker.

These rubbish guys were my favourite…

Until two minutes later when I saw my ultimate favourite-est-tabulastic cosplayer. Of. All. Time. HEART THIS. SO MUCH. Porco Rosso. ♥♥♥

Shamis being cute and funny. XDD

Me and Z, with Boss photobomb-ing the shit out of this photo. ^^;

I think the next post will have to be my Comic Con 2011 adventure, since this is going down the geek!road. :D

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Mine is still going on. It is incredibly epic. :P


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