Los Angeles: 3rd Street Promenade

Thought it might be nice to have a post on 3rd street promenade right after one on Santa Monica Beach. :D

Jesca and I lingered too long at Hot Topic:

Cool zombie and monster fingers!


Saw this in Giant Robot, thought the hoodie was pretty cool, but too expensive. ^^;

Super cool nail polish and girly stuff!

The Hot Topic girl was super cute~~~ <3

Some random customer came into the store and chuckled when he saw me taking this photo. XDD

This photo doesn’t really work, but I like the pattern repetition, and dat poodle. :P

Cute doggy in H&M.

I bought one of these. :D

After that, Jesca and I had lunch along 3rd street promenade. It was delish!:

Awesome guitarist brothers.

We headed back to Santa Monica beach to catch the sunset:

And later on, to the Santa Monica Pier arcade (which was super old school!), in search of an authentic photo booth:

We finally found one, in black and white!

The scanned photo strips. The first frame in the first strip is my favourite because we totally didn’t know when the photo was going to be taken. XDD

Bought a glow-in-the-dark green nail polish and a purple one from Hot Topic.

Also, a red T-rex for Evy at the Santa Monica Pier souvenir shop:
Next to my very cool dinosaur comforter!

Roaring up the fridge!

That’s it for now. :D


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