Locker Alley & Harem Bunny

Seriously, my titles are sounding more and more like Captcha phrases nowadays…

This was when I finally got a haircut, and a new pair of black flats! The Rubi ones were falling apart and I had been wearing it beyond its lifespan while searching for another pair of black flats to replace it.

✿ grey pocket dress: max & more
✿ white printed skirt: ebase
✿ black floral sheer jacket: budinsea
✿ black elastic belt: purpur
✿ black leggings: online
✿ black mary-jane straw soled flats: mad about shoes
✿ black rr necklace: gift (made by Ruru)

In front of someone’s prettified locker.

On to the second outfit!

I went to JB with Shasha and Ruru the other day! And came back with this pair of dark grey harem pants, white rabbit ring, and a few bottles of nail polish. I don’t even paint my nails much but what can I say, it’s like all those paint I hoard in my art supply boxes and never use. Also, the turquoise cardigan and sneakers were new. The sneakers a substitute for the light grey ones that I wore once and never again >_<

✿ white printed singlet: gift (Bangkok)
✿ turquoise cardigan: far east
✿ dark grey harem pants: Malaysia
✿ striped monster socks: Takashimaya
✿ dark grey sneakers: cotton on
✿ black rr necklace: gift (made by Ruru)

New nail polish and rabbit ring from JB!

This is what I look like when I can’t think of any poses.


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