Legs Like Mustard

I finally found my much-searched-for mustard leggings in Uniqlo, and it surprised me when I found out that the $15 package actually contained 2 pairs of leggings! Sadly, no one else wanted such a bright colour, but this means I have one spare, or I could go draw on it when inspiration strikes :D

Although, said inspiration strongly proposed drawing curly leg hair. Which is why I’m waiting for another idea.

✿ purple splatter dress: cotton on
✿ black sheer floral jacket: budinsea
✿ mustard leggings (70 denier): uniqlo
✿ rustic gold cat necklace: gift (Japan)
✿ black flats: gift (cotton on)

Despite the funny face, I like this picture because my legs look surprisingly shapely in here. I’d like to think that it’s the mustard doing it’s magic :P

Magic Mustard!


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