Lazada X Corlison - Essano

Lazada 11.11 Surprise Box 2018: Corlison – Essano

It’s almost 11 November, which means that the 11.11 sales are about to begin! I had the luck to have the opportunity to review another Surprise Box for the Lazada 11.11 Mega Sale, which not only features 1111 Flash Sales (commenced on 1 November), but also boasts sales of up to 90% off. I’ve done a few Lifestyle and Electronics Surprise Boxes before, but this time I was interested to see what the Beauty Surprise Box had in store for me.

My answer came in a Lazada x Corlison – Essano Surprise Box! This box contains a few Essano skincare items that are worth about SGD$100 in total, and will be sold for SGD$29 on 11 November. Essano is a New Zealand skincare brand that uses Certified Organic Rosehip Oil as its highlight ingredient, and it’s also totally vegan for those who’re interested in that sort of detail.

I’m unveiling just a few items that are included in it for a sneak peek:

Lazada X Corlison - Essano(By the way, check out how much light a simple white surface reflects in the gif above! The white of the box took the ceiling lights and bounced them onto my face when I angled the surface towards me.) Anyway.

Essano Rosehip Moisture Restorative Night Creme (50g)

Lazada X Corlison - Essano

This night cream comes pretty sturdy at first, but fades into a light layer a few minutes upon application. Stays on well – which it should considering it’s supposed to last throughout the night! Not too keen on the smell though.

Lazada X Corlison - Essano

Lazada X Corlison - Essano

Essano Rosehip Gentle Facial Cleansing Micellar Water (100ml)

Lazada X Corlison - Essano

This facial cleanser was so much easier to use compared to my current makeup remover (Bifesta). I was able to remove my makeup with less force rubbing against my face! To be fair I don’t have a thick layer of makeup going on most of the time, so I don’t know how it’ll stand up to thicker makeup? This was me on a sparse layer of BB cream, eye shadow, eye liner, brow liner, and lipstick.

Lazada X Corlison - Essano

Lazada X Corlison - Essano

Essano Rosehip Gentle Cleansing Facial Wipes (20 sheets)

Facial wipes are pretty much the go-to for when I go on a short trip and don’t want to have to tote around liquids! This item worked reasonably well for its kind, and smelled uncannily like Rose Bandung.

Lazada X Corlison - Essano

No post goes without an outfit of the day, so here’s what I wore for the launch of the Singapore Writer’s Festival (SWF) last Friday! It’s my first time attending SWF even though it’s in its 21st run this year. I’d always figured that this festival was meant for a small circle of literary pundits throwing poetic lines at each other, so I’d never been much interested in something so atas. Imagine my surprise to find that there were a significant number of comic-related topics in this festival! I’ve been enjoying myself here, and am definitely looking forward to next year’s.

OOTD: Pomelo Fashion blouse, Mango pants, OWNDAYS glasses, Paper Planes sneakers.

I’ve been pretty rusty regarding outfit photos, but didn’t let that stop me from attempting some selfies with a new tote bag featuring traditional kueh that I scored from work!

Pomelo blouse
Mango pants
Owndays glasses
Paper Planes shoes


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