Last Days in Los Angeles with REMAP

This is a collation of the last few days with the awesome people from REMAP. I miss them!

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

I chanced upon a promotional coupon for half off any pizza at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, so of course there was going to be a mini-gathering with the usual food peoples from the office earlier in the week. It was so surprising that Aless came down! He usually goes home to his family for dinner; apparently he thought that it was the last time that he was going to see me. So touched. TwT

Group photo at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse in Westwood, Los Angeles.Conan, Aless, Me, Json, and Marta.

BJ's Bacon Cheeseburger pizza at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse in Westwood, Los Angeles.BJ’s Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza. Aless and Marta were so affronted by this atrocity! Pizza is serious business for Italians. XD

Pizookie at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse.And then a Pizookie for dessert.


A few days later, I went in to the office to say goodbye to two and a half years of fond memories:

Group photo of the REMAP people in UCLA.ZHao, Anmol, JeffT, Conan, Me, Aless, Rand, Json, and Hunter.

Aless and Ren.

Aless and Ren.Aless and me.

Anmol, Conan, and photobombing Rand.Rand photobombing the bromance that was Anmol and Conan.

Donuts and chicken in the REMAP office at UCLA.Hunter bought donuts for the office! It was her last day too.

Homemade chicken in chilli sauce pack.And there’s the rest of my chicken cooked in a pre-packaged chilli sauce.

Outfit of the day: Uniqlo green bratop, Zara brown tie pocket skirt, Top Shoes brown boots, purple sling T-Shirt & Jeans bag. Uniqlo bratop + Zara skirt + Top Shoes boots + T-shirt & Jeans bag
I also took my last outfit photo at the beautiful UCLA campus.

Nano had a personal issue during the day, so I didn’t get to meet him when I visited the office. He did make time to meet up after his work though! So touched. TwT

Reflection mirror shot of Nano and Ren.Nano and me.

Instax photos of Nano and Ren.Took some Instax photos. :D

Novel Cafe

Fast forward to the morning of my flight. Boss and Fab had been so busy the past few months that it was so difficult to get a hold of them! Luckily, Boss asked if I would be amenable to meet the morning of my departure to tie up my leaving REMAP. So touched. TwT

Breakfast at Novel Cafe.Eggs Benedict!

Bus figurine from Argentina from Fab.Fab gave me this cute little painted bus from Argentina, from Sur and Mapu too. So touched. TwT

Fab modeling the gifts that Boss got for me- Moleskine set: The Hand of the Graphic Designer. and a woven bag from Hong Kong.Here’s Fab modeling with the gifts that Boss got me from his recent trip to Hong Kong! The Hand of The Graphic Designer bundled with a Moleskine sketchbook, and an awesome bag woven from manga pages. So touched. TwT

Ren, Boss, and Fab at Novel Cafe in Westwood, Los Angeles.Me, Boss (omg he’s actually smiling brilliantly in a photo, curse you streaming sunlight), and Fab. Awesome bosses.

Instax photos of Ren, Boss, and Fab at Novel Cafe.Omg so funny.

Zen had arranged her flight back to coincide with mine, as such we were able to book the same shuttle bus to the airport. She only had one suitcase (her second one was already in Seattle) and a comforter, so she agreed to help me with my numerous Bags of Burden (BoB).

Zen, Boss, and Ren with goodbyes.Zen, Boss, and Me. Boss had gone for a coffee break after he dropped me off at my place (for more last minute packing), and came back to send the both of us off.
Photo taken by Ssen, who graciously helped me with transporting BoB downstairs. I regret not saying proper goodbyes to the girls (despite sucking at goodbyes anyway).

Zen at LAX with her suitcase and my trolley of luggage bags.We still had time despite Zen’s flight being earlier, so she helped me to check-in my bags, and was there to give me support for the repacking fiasco that I had to do at the check-in counter. So touched. TwT

Instax photos of Zen and Ren at LAX.Took one more set of Instax photos…

Zen's collection of Instax photos from REMAP.… only to find out that Zen still kept the ones we took last year when she left REMAP! Aless and the three interns from China- Danni, Tina, and Fred were in one of the photos from last year.

I miss them.


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