Kyoto: Teramachi

This post is a bit tricky because it encompasses a few days and is the perfect example of why I should have just taken photos with one camera instead of dragging my phone into picture-taking duties.

… Although it does make for impromptu sneak shots of beautifully-clad people on the streets.

Before that though, rewind back to the maze that is Kyoto station, where Senpai and I had one of our meals in one of the restaurants.

Drinks bar at the entrance. I admit I was quite tempted to order some of their local brew, but Senpai doesn’t drink and it’s not much fun having fun alone.

My carbonara. I’m such a sucker for runny eggs <3

This month’s specials menu. Senpai and I were very confused by the「マイウ」(maiu) next to the smiley face, and eventually this mystery was solved when I asked Kyohei about it when we met at the end of the trip. According to him, there is a comedian who uses it frequently. It is an anagram of「うまい」(umai, which means delicious). I want to faint. OTL

Hello dear friends this was where I got your Chopper keychains! Geisha Chopper is much love. So is Deer Chopper (ironic much?), and Buddha Chopper!!! Frankly I wanted to keep all of them for myself <3

Drizzle drizzle drizzle.

We reach the shopping district:

Also, it just so happened that Kyoto was preparing for the annual Gion Festival, which meant that along the main streets were gigantic floats in the process of being built. A crying shame that we left right before the festival even began… T^T

An elaborate peacock decorating a building. Senpai says it was Daimaru, so I’m going to take her word for it. Personally I never noticed to which company this peacock belonged to.

Anyway, we ventured into Daimaru one night just as it was closing. When we went to the basement (where the food is), staff from most of the stalls were shouting and waving placards. I kinda have an ambient noise censor built into my brain (the result of living with two noisy brats), so I didn’t think much of it, until Senpai told me that these people were shouting about having massive discounts because they were closing. Lucky!

Our spoils from the time sale. Yummeh!

Also from Daimaru, when we went up the escalator from the basement back to level one (so that we could exit the building), Senpai and I were– for lack of a better word– accosted, by rows and rows of lady staffs who manned the level one stalls, each of whom bowed low and said, “Arigatou gozaimasu,” as we went past them. Some of them even did a 90 degree! OMG. I was so mortified, the only thought running through my head was, “No we don’t deserve this, 貧民だ!”, as we made a desperate brisk walk for the door.

Talk about culture shock. XDD


We saw the moving crab!!!!! But we only took a picture and went on our merry way.

I loved the shop when I saw it’s painted shutters, and was lucky to pass by it again when it was open to see what it sold. PLUS WHO CAN ARGUE WITH THAT ZEN SHOP NAME.

Senpai has a cleaer picture, but that white shirt hanging in the shop has a picture of Mickey Mouse’s hands crossed in a peace sign, and instead of the word ‘Disney‘ below, it says ‘Death‘. Japan is weird. XDD

More One Piece, and giant Choppers XD

Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market is joined to Teramachi, so it’s a pretty convenient place of interest. We went to there twice. The first time we arrived too late and most of the stores were closed:

Sad!face. Anyway it’s pretty easy to notice Nishiki Market by their multi-coloured roof.

The second time we went it was much livelier:

Siao siao I can’t believe that the stalls are so clean and neat! Singapore’s version of a fish stall in a market is a swampy madhouse compared to this. Although I actually prefer Singapore’s wet market because you can smell the fish and all sorts of nasty things…

Fish roe. MAJOR NOMZ.

I bought the lego sweets! The title on the package says Block Ramune, which confuses me, because isn’t ramune that fizzy drink?

Got out of Nishiki Market and had dinner at Warai, an okonomiyaki place located right at the other end:

So many sauces and condiments!

The waitress provided us with the sole English menu after we failed to understand her barrage of introductions in kansai-ben :P

I seem to have this problem of being extremely shy towards people I find attractive, which is the main reason why I don’t have the waitress’s picture T^T

I think we got the Waraiyki cheese and Kyoutenyaki pork.

Waraiyaki cheese.

Kyoutenyaki pork.

Senpai asked for the jug of water to be placed at our table, because it’d have been hard for the waitress to keep on coming over to refill our glasses, and she came back with two huge beer mugs. o_O I finished it! Finding a toilet was a bit of a trouble after that. ROFL


Yami Yogurt

Hawaiian themed.

So many flavours! Senpai and I shared a banana split I think?

Next post, bamboo and a world heritage temple!

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