Kyoto: Belief

I think this post spans across the last two days that we spent in Kyoto, which accounts for the temple-visiting frenzy.

Fushimi Inari

We went to Fushimi Inari! I was looking forward to this trip very much, mostly because I fell in love with all the reds in QRen’s photography portfolio.

Guardian foxes, I presume.

It just so happened that Senpai and I went to visit these places at the same time that a few schools organised school trips for their (high school? I am getting too old to guess accurately the age of young people) students.

This old man and us camped at the mouths of these two torii with the dedication of, well, people who would wait forever for other people to clear out of The Perfect Shot.

I thought this was my perfect shot though. My favourite! After that he went through the torii and came back with his wife. XDD

This is how it looks like when you walk through it.

If you go in the reverse direction, the names of sponsors are written on the pillars. Each torii is sponsored by a Japanese company.

A tourist sticking her hand out into the vulnerable space between reds.

And what she was probably trying to capture with her camera.

Outfit time:

✿ purple splatter dress: cotton on
✿ turquoise long cardigan: far east
✿ maroon leggings (120 denier): top20
✿ dark grey sneakers: rubi
✿ camel haversack: zinc

Hoho still some space left over for the rest of my fingers~

I’m not used to Senpai being my human tripod, so if you see me looking constipated, it’s probably because she is behind the camera and I was feeling shy. XDD

Argh so many candy canessss. :(


And then we took a train down to Ryoanji.

There was practically no one when we went! Awesome.

I swear the greens there are magical. <3

If you noticed the mysterious lines on the gravel in the first picture of this post, this is how it is painstakingly formed.

We entered the temple. Shoes had to be removed, so I was glad that I was wearing socks.

A miniature of the famous zen garden. The shapes of the sand is a lot clearer than the real thing. XDD

The famous zen garden.

The whorls remind me of fingerprints.

There is a small room right behind the view of the zen garden. The area was cordoned off, so we could only view the few exhibits from outside. I fell in love with the dragons adorning the side walls.

School girls! Frankly, I was torn between being annoyed about being together with a large crowd of school kids, and being creepy because I was together with a large crowd of kids donning Japanese school uniforms. XDD

This was at the entrance of Ryoanji, where we had to purchase our entrance tickets. As usual, I shoot the entrances last. The lady on the left hid from me! She was so cute, and kept smiling when I signaled to her that I was done taking the photo. XDD

After that, Senpai and I decided to walk to our next destination. It was very very far. We should have taken the bus.

But this photo made me glad that we didn’t take the bus. :DDDD

I want trees like this if I ever own a garden!


Finally, we arrived at Kinkakuji.

This was a sealed off entrance to Kinkakuji. We had to tiptoe against the fence and blindly press the shutter. :S

Everyone has variations of this photo. :P

There’s a crane (top left) and a tortoise (bottom right) in this picture! The tortoise is a little hard to find, but still, hellooooo long life! :DDDD

Two crows suddenly perched on top of the phoenix roof of the golden pavilion. It was pretty lulz. XDD

And then we walked around the compound:

Shineh. *_*

Tomb of the white snake. Senpai was wondering if this was related to「白蛇传」.

Throngs of Japanese school kids.

Omg look at that house! I want.

Next up, it’s goodbye Kyoto and hello Hakone!


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