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I’m still alive, but terribly swamped right now. Am feeling very guilty about neglecting a lot of things, mainly blog-reading for the past two months or so, but I definitely try my best to reply to emails before a week is up? Uh so if there’s anything just email me? I love talking to people as long as you don’t expect a fast reply from me. :P

Work has picked up exponentially, which is good, but I still have commitments that need to be settled before I really get into my groove– fandom exchange for my favourite tennis boys by Feb 10, editing hundreds of Yuunsama’s pre-wedding photos, staring morosely at my ever-growing raw photos folder…

Well anyway two glaring things I’ve noticed about the U.S.A is the coffee culture and the mail culture. The first morning, I had breakfast at Jack in the Box, and the lady gave Dom and I the option of coffee or orange juice. Boggled, we asked if they had tea. Dun dun dun! Nope. Later that week we bought packets of Green Tea, English Breakfast Tea, and Earl Grey Tea; just so we could satisfy our tea-cravings in an otherwise tea-barren land. XDD

And the mail culture is rampant here! Voice mail, e-mail– it’s exchanged so much it’s crazy. Close friends (read: Shasha) would know me to be extremely tardy when I reply to emails/SMSes, because I don’t really fancy being easily accessed most of the time. That, and it’s stressful communicating to people on a daily basis. Can you tell how bad I’ll be at face-to-face interaction? Yea. Am not sure if I should test the theory that I will function like a normal social being if you get me drunk.

And I’m very amazed that people still take voice mail seriously in here. Most of the time I don’t bother because my voice mails have nothing but the other person on the line breathing for five minutes because they tuned out while waiting for me to not pick up my phone. ^^;

Yup. I’ve also never had to write so many reports before. Welcome to the working life in the U.S. I guess? Anyway, one of my reports are up online so if anyone is interested, you could pop by every once in a while to see what I’ve been up to lately. It’s probably the most up-to-date you’ll see for a good while. ^^;

Here it is, bookmark it or something until I get my shit together!

I’m pretty proud of the report, actually. Layout and photos by yours truly. Most of the text was dictated by Dom, but I did contribute quite a bit too.  I wash my hands off all the exclamation marks used there though. Those were all his. And it totally is a plus point when the cover page makes me lol every time. :D

P.S. since my social skills are severely lacking, if anyone is in the area and wants to be my tour guide friend, feel free to contact me. Haha!

P.P.S. this entry was supposed to be short. OTL


  • shasha

    YOU ARE ALIVE! <3 How are you? XD

    Yeap. Totally agree on the whole don't like to be accessible, on your part. And yeah, Americans actually leave voice mail. We don't bother huh. In my case, I find it too embarrassing, and people can replay the recording *shudders*

    About your report, cute layout and photos! You're looking so demure!! Hahahaha. What happened to you? And sorry to Dom if he wrote the first paragraph, but… in, on, at, during and currently… all in the same sentence? Hahahaha.

    Looks fun! Can't wait for the bi-weekly updates! Take care, and remind your parents to send you your hongbao! XDDD Please say hi to Dom too, btw.

    • ✿ren

      Thank you~~~ :)
      I took part in some of the planning but most everything was Yuunsama’s ideas! So credit should go to her. :)
      I will try to thank you~ You too! <3

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