Juicy Watermelon

This is an outfit post with nothing much to say.

I get my one big eye one small eye from Gong Gong. :P

I used to ponder at his wedding photo (pasted onto the back of his cupboard). You could tell that his eyes were very different sizes even back in the days. But since he’s died and his room cleared out, I wonder where that picture’s gone…

Gong Gong and I used to be the karang gunis (rag-and-bone men, i.e. pack rats) of the family. I still am, and constantly get lots of flak because every room in the house is smeared by my presence. XDD

The last of my grey contacts. :D

✿ Blue clouds singlet: Malaysia
✿ Green striped pullover: Mango
✿ Red hearts skirt: Zara
✿ Purple plaid leggings: some cart stall in PS
✿ Brown mary janes: gift (Trendyzone)


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