Japan: Crazy Moments

This post is about how awesome my friends are. :D

I mean, you’d have to be when I take it into my head to camp at one spot for hours, armed with a camera and tripod, just waiting for The Right Moment.

One such instance was when Senpai and I were in Furano (Hokkaido). I had the bright idea to try my hand at HDR images (again):

Warnings for painfully garish HDR photos, mainly because I’m very amused by the new program that I’m using to tone-map them.

I’m serious. Am absolving myself from any harm inflicted upon your eyes/mental health. :D

Taa daa! What’s with that ugly ghosting of the mountains!??! So kitschy! I like.

This is even better. By ‘better’, I mean ‘worse’. XDD

Okay something that isn’t that overboard, but still.

And the next is a gigantic 360 degree panorama:

You’ll have to click to full-view (as usual).

And this .gif was what it looked like when I was taking the photographs.

The next crazy moment was taken in the observatory tower of Mori Art Center in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. This time, Kyohei had the dubious honour of being stuck with me for about three hours as we camped there from 6pm and waited for the sun to set (because it would get super crowded at night and I’m kiasu like that).

Can you imagine traveling for two hours from Saitama to Tokyo just to meet some crazy person who wanted to sit on a hard bench and gaze out of a window from a skyscraper for three hours?

I really have awesome friends. T^T

Another garish HDR image, and a lot of ghosting. :DDDDD

I got a bit tired of making garish HDR images and tried something on the other end of the spectrum of tacky. The noise reminds me of a snow globe.

And two time lapse .gifs because I can’t make up my mind. Seizure time!

And a normal one.

Also, this T-Rex was standing behind us the entire time. Oh my gosh! THEY HAD A DINOSAUR EXHIBITION!!!!! I didn’t go because there was no time and I prioritised the picture-taking over these reptiles. :(

Now this is what I call the lovely bones. =3


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